Style is definitely about showing off your natural beauty. When it comes to enhancing your beauty, be careful not to over do your make-up. To let your natural beauty shine, you want your make-up to work with your skin. Use your make-up to enhance your unique qualities. Here are some make-up tips that will do just that.


When you’re applying foundation, you want it to match your skin tone. Do not make the mistake of getting a shade too dark or too light for your skin as it will be very obvious you have make-up on. The trick to a natural look is to make your skin appear naturally flawless. Make-up that’s too light will make you look pale. If you use too dark of a foundation, you’ll appear very orange and over tanned. The easiest way to find the perfect tone is to use smart foundation. Almay has several different smart foundations to choose from.
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Almay has one of the best skin matching foundations. It works to even out your skin tone and also has SPF to protect you from the sun. It’s very light and hypo-allergenic.


The trick to not over doing your blush is to use lighter colors. You want your skin to appear sun-kissed. To achieve this look, you’ll need light pink blush and bronzer. The blush should be the color of your cheeks as if you pinched them yourself. Bronzer should be used sparingly because it is meant only to give a little more color to your face. Maybelline has great products for this look. Try their mousse blush to blend better with your skin and use a mineral bronzer to have more control over your color.

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Not only will these products look extremely natural with your skin, they also protect your skin from the sun and make sure you stay healthy and glowing.


To intensify your look, you want to play up your features. Your eyes are usually the most dominant. The color of your eyes determines which eye shadow will work best for you. The most common eye shadows to create a natural look are golds, browns, beiges, and plums.

During the day, you want to choose a color that is a little darker than your actual skin tone. You want the color to blend in with your skin but also make your skin appear smoother. Use mousse-like eye shadows for this effect because they absorb better and last longer. You can even dust a little glitter on your eyes to reflect better with the sun. Maybelline has several different options that will work well with any skin tone.

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At night, you want to play with your eye color. You want to intensify your eyes by using the colors that already exist in your eyes. A smokey eye look is sexy and easier than you think. Almay has created color palettes made specifically for your eye color: blue, brown, green and hazel. Don’t use only dark colors for a smokey eye, they will just darken your face and hide your eyes. These trio palletes give you the perfect combination for a sexy night time look.

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Using these techniques will make you look great! Enhance you’re natural beauty and good luck with your new look.