Hotel Tips for Spring BreakYour Spring Break hotel room will be your safe haven, a place to rest your head and “Plan B” for your Spring Break partying session. So, it’s important that you and your group feel comfortable in your hotel room. When getting a room in one of the many Spring Break hotels, there are things you can do to make it cheaper and more enjoyable. If you regularly party in hotel rooms, you might already know these useful hotel tips, or you may not. Here are a few quick things you can do to get the most out of your hotel stay.

The Back Door

Hotels will charge you by the amount of people you have staying in a room. So, to avoid being charged extra, you should sneak in your friends. For example, if you have a group of 6, bring two with you to check in at the front desk while the other three wait outside. Bring everyone’s luggage with you or as much as you can without making it seem like you’re checking in more than three people.

After you’re done checking in, wait a while before sneaking the others up to the room. Maybe go explore the hotel facilities, the spa, the pool and maybe even look for back way entrances to get into the hotel so you can sneak up the rest of the group without the front desk seeing. This is the best way to sneak in extra people.

Here’s some great hotel tips: if you can’t find a back entrance, just meet up with the rest of your buddies and pass them the keys so that they can put their luggage in the room. Make sure you’re not with them while they make their way upstairs. You don’t want the front desk knowing you’re with them. Be slick. You don’t want to get them up to the room immediately because that will only cause suspicion. The longer you wait the better.

Spring Break hotel room

Leveling Up

Getting a room upgrade is easier than you think. Spring Break hotels will always have an extra room for emergencies. Sometimes, they even have their upgraded suites open. What you do to get one of these rooms is to complain about your room: there’s no ocean view, it smells funny, or the room is unacceptable, whatever. If you have friends who can act, have them make the complaint. As long as they’re charming, there’s a good chance, your room will be upgraded at no extra charge.

Protect your Neck

When staying at Spring Break hotels – it’s easy to forget about the neighbors. Hotel neighbors can put a halt to your Spring Break party if they make a complaint to the front desk about the “ruckus” going on in your room. So, here’s a hotel tip. In order to avoid that, invite all your neighbors – the ones across the hall, those directly adjacent to you – everyone, to party! Why not throw a hotel room party and invite them over?  That way, whenever it gets wild and crazy in your room, you won’t get security knocking on the door; instead, it’ll be the neighbors wanting to join in.