Heading out for a night at the club can be intimidating especially when you’re not too confident in your dance moves. Most women at the club will be on the floor showing their best moves waiting for a guy to dance with them. Although club dancing can seem difficult, it’s really not. The key to looking good in any club is to have fun and move with the music. For some, having rhythm is easier said than done. So, here are a few tips to make the most of your club experience.

Get Out On The Dance Floor

The first big step you’ll have to do is getting out on the floor. You don’t want to approach someone that is clearly doing a choreographed routine. You probably won’t be able to keep up with her. Seek a girl that is just free styling and moving with the beat. If you can feel the beat, even if you’re not a professional dancer, you can easily impress any woman at the club with the simplest dance moves.

Let Her Take The Lead

Let her take the lead. Follow her body movements and don’t be afraid to get close to her. It’s a good thing to hold onto each other while you’re dancing. If she starts grinding, just move with her. Read her body movements and when you start feeling more confident, take the lead. What you don’t want to do is move like a Chihuahua in heat. Girls don’t appreciate being broken off.

Don’t Take Club Dancing So Seriously

Have fun with it. If you have a quirky behavior let it show during your dance. It’s good to be a little funny and goofy. Whoever you’re dancing with will probably play along and have an even better time because you’re being yourself. A little old school dorkiness goes a long way. But try to keep your really corny dance moves like the lawnmower and the cabbage patch to a minimum.

Don’t Let Yourself Hide And Just Watch Everyone Else

You came all the way out and stood in that long line just to post up against the wall? Let loose and have some fun! A couple drinks won’t hurt to loosen up a little bit either. Women love a guy with confidence that isn’t afraid to be himself, even if his dancing isn’t the best. Plus, practice makes perfect. The only way to become a better dancer is to get over your fears and get on that floor.

Here are some videos that will teach you the basics: