Spring Break 2015 is right around the corner, and it is going to present you with plenty of opportunities to do new things, and act a fool all week. We highly encourage you to make this the best week of your life, and to step out of your shell and try just about everything. We do however, have a few “don’ts” you might want to take a look at, as they can keep you out of trouble. Here’s 5 big “don’ts” of Spring Break:

Spring Break Hookup

Skip out on condoms

You know what’s worse than coming back from Spring Break without having smashed any genitals? Coming back with a brutal STD. On Spring Break you are partying with thousands of people you don’t know, and will never see again. Who’s to say that broad felt any need to tell you about her dirty past, or even week? We are all for hooking up on Spring Break, even encourage it. Just do it safely with protection, or the rest of your semester could really suck when you’re whimpering every time you go to take a leak.

Take drugs

Getting wrecked on Spring Break is a staple, and we absolutely believe you should pack as much booze in your week as possible. We also believe you should stay away from drugs on Spring Break. Whatever you do on your own campus is your own agenda, but Spring Break drugs are an entirely different animal. Not only are they extremely dangerous because you have no idea what you’re getting considering this isn’t your buddy the campus dealer, every country treats drugs differently. The last thing you need is to be locked up in a foreign jail where it might seem impossible to get out. Just stay away from the drugs for a week, believe us, there is more than enough fun going on to keep your party raging without them.

Climb balconies

Climbing BalconiesThis might seem like a pretty small risk compared to some of the other “don’ts”, but trust us, stay away from this tempting adventure. It is easy to want to just climb up to your buddies room on the 6th floor from your 5th floor balcony, or to shimmy over a couple balconies to that group of smokeshows that is yelling over to you. Don’t. Just take the hallways, stairs or elevators. Once you get a bit of booze in you, you feel fearless and it doesn’t seem like a big deal. Not only is this against most hotel policies, meaning you will get kicked out and be screwed the rest of the week, but it is also dangerous. You absolutely don’t want to spend the second half of your Spring Break in a hospital, or worse off, paralyzed or dead. Trust us, take the extra two minutes to get to your friend’s rooms safely. Every year there are multiple horror stories from Spring Break about drunk fools trying to climb balconies.

Go home alone

This happens way more often than it should, but good friends should make sure you all stick together, especially at the end of the night. The last thing you need is to be drunk at 4am, stumbling back to your resort alone. This makes you a prime target for crimes, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or a guy. You might think you are okay, and you are tough enough to handle it, but a bullet or a knife doesn’t care how tough you are. Know your surroundings, and make sure you stick with friends in highly populated areas when out in public.

Make a scene

Party your eyeballs off no doubt, just don’t draw too much attention to yourself. Now, we are not saying to not be outgoing, make friends, or enter that wet t-shirt contest on stage. We are just saying don’t be overly obnoxious and loud, especially on the public streets. Not only will the locals not take kindly to it, and you have no idea what you’re up against, but the local police might not appreciate it. You can rage all week and still be respectful of your surroundings, no need to jeopardize your safety or free will by being a douchebag.