Bikini Girls at Spring Break

Summer is a month away, and that means day parties on the beach galore. How better to spend your summer days than crushing beers on a beach with friends while soaking up the sun? How about at an absolutely raging beach party, that people from all over the world flock to? Here are five of the best beach parties in the world, in no particular order:

Full Moon Party – Koh Phangan, Thailand

Full Moon Party ThailandThe Full Moon Party in Thailand is probably the most famous beach party in the world. What started as a small thing years ago, has blown into an enormous festival every full moon. Thousands of backpackers from around the globe flock to this island every full moon for a couple days of raging with DJs, splashed paint, cheap drinks, and fire filled shows. Not to mention this all happens right on a tropical beach complete with fireworks and an all night rave until dawn.

Nikki Beach – Marbella, Spain

Nikki Beach White PartySpain is well versed in the beach party scene, and that is no different in Marbella. Each year the main party at Nikki Beach is the White Party, which marks the beginning of the summer season. Wear all white to this bash and you might find yourself mingling among some of the elite of the world. Right next to the warm waters of the mediterranean, slam some mojitos while watching a ridiculous fireworks display. You would be crazy to not kick off your summer with an insane party at Nikki Beach in Marbella, Spain.

Turquoise Beach Club – Rimini, Italy

Italy is filled with beautiful people, and that is exactly what you will find at this beach club. Turquoise is the largest beach club in Italy, so this is definitely the place to get down once the sun goes down. 12,000 square feet make up this enormous party, and the amazing overhaul of the Old Town causes the beautiful olive-tanned women flock to this place. Every night of the week there is a huge beach party, so you might as well check it out next time you’re in Italy.

Super Paradise – Mykonos, Greece

Super Paradise PartyMykonos is known worldwide for the beach parties, and it’s easy to see why. Paradise Beach dominates the female flesh scene, with beautiful women everywhere you turn. It doesn’t hurt to throw in some ice-cold beer and dancing nonstop to make this party happen. Mykonos is so widely popular for the beach parties so you are sure to meet many people from all over, who all have the same mindset. To get hammered and have some hot fun.

Benirras Beach – Ibiza, Spain

Being the party capital of the Mediterranean isn’t an easy job, but Ibiza does this perfectly. It’s not surprising that one of the summer’s best beach parties can be found here, as everyone knows Ibiza is the spot to rage face. Every Sunday at Benirras Beach are something worth seeing, as the party gets wild, complete with bonfires and drumming sessions. Not to mention you will be with people from all over the world that come here specifically to party all day and night. The White Island of Ibiza has the biggest beach parties you will ever see, and you will not be disappointed in the quality of talent here.