Ever notice that some guys don’t even try and yet somehow they can attract hordes of girls who want to jump their bones? How do they do it? What they know is how girls communicate and their underlying “message.” Depending on what you want from a girl, a one-night stand or a real relationship, there are certain ways how to get a girl, whether it’s during Spring Break or any time for that matter and it all starts with being yourself.

It doesn’t take acts of genius or epic pick-up lines to get a girl, in fact, it takes the complete opposite, an empty mind. An empty mind is one that is fully aware and attentive to its surroundings. In this case, your surroundings are the girl’s mannerisms and ways she expresses herself. Girls aren’t stupid, far from it. They know when you’re trying too hard or trying to impress them and they don’t like that. All girls really want is your full attention and for you to make them feel comfortable being themselves.

This article is broken down into different sections with advice on how to get a girl: