Sex in public is not for everyone. Some people love the thrill, while others consider it over-rated. No matter where you stand on the subject, there’s no denying that most people have thought about it or even done it at some point in their life. Sometimes it’s just too hard to wait until you get home, and you need to smash and dash right then. Here are some of the most popular public sex spots, and some tips to getting it done.

Beach Sex


This is the holy grail of public sex. Seen in movies, advertisement, daydreams, and magazines, sex on the beach almost seems to be a myth. It is on the bucket list for many people. Getting busy as the waves roll on by. Whether it’s during the day or at night, chances are you’ve envisioned having sex on a beach, if not have actually done it. While it certainly might seem sexy, there are some downsides. First, make sure you have a blanket. There isn’t much worse than getting sand deep in the crevices you wish it didn’t find, not to mention it can cause some unwanted friction. Also, have you ever had salt water buried in places you wish it hadn’t? Picture getting steamy and all of a sudden getting a wave in the eyeballs. Sex on the beach can be amazing, just make sure you are far enough up from the waves, and have a blanket under you.

Football field

Hitting the stadium at night time and getting it on right in the middle of the fifty yard line under the stars is magical. Not too many panties are going to stay dry just from the walk across the field in anticipation. The main thing to remember here is to make sure that you are alone. Football fields and stadiums tend to have security patrolling pretty consistantly, so scope it out beforehand. Bumping uglies on the football field will take you back to the glory days, and will have you scoring all over again.


Sex in a pool is so much fun because it is typically spontaneous. You have two hot half-naked bodies splashing about in a pool, and most likely have a few cocktails flowing through the veins. It is only natural after a while to have the urge to get a bit intimate. During the day pool sex is a bit more daring, especially if it’s a public pool. It might be a bit smarter to wait til night to hit some skinny dipping and some after hours fun. Now although pool sex is exciting, it may not be all you had hoped and wished for. The pool water doesn’t really mix too well with the natural juices of intimacy and can be a bit uncomfortable. Not only this, but you are pretty limited in positions available to you, especially if you aren’t in the shallow end. The hot tub is a better option, as long as you can figure out the jets. Once you can master those, pleasure for both of you is limitless.

Bar bathroom

Bar sexThis might be one of the most typical spots to try and smash in public. You’re out with friends, getting obliterated and you’re pretty sure that sexy thing across the room is eyeing you and wants it now. So you flirt a little, grope a bit, and take it into a corner where some heavy making out happens. It’s only natural to want to take it into the bar’s bathroom, to have yourselves a quicky. Now this can be great fun because you can get it in real quick, and still get back to your night to continue your adventures, and even possibly sneak in a round two with someone else at the after party. The downside? Bar bathrooms are typically disgusting, and it can be pretty risky since they get really crowded.