It’s the start of Labor Day weekend, and that means 3 straight days of raging the last big weekend of summer away. This is the last hurrah of those summer days and nights, so why not go all out and head somewhere legendary? Even though classes are starting back up, you can push off the college house parties one more week in order to rage at pool parties, beaches, and clubs that have no comparison to playing beer pong in a basement. We have the top three Labor Day Weekend getaways for you.

Las Vegas

Labor Day WeekendLas Vegas is going to be fun any time you head there. The winter is a great time because of the beautiful weather, and the summer is perfection with the raging pool parties and non-stop action. Labor Day weekend is seen as the last weekend of summer, and Las Vegas treats it almost as such as well. Sure, the pools are still open for a few weeks after Labor Day, but this weekend is the last big blowout weekend. The last weekend where all three days the parties are bigger, the artists more famous, and the debauchery the most insane. The pool party lineup this weekend is unbeatable, and Vegas is also a decently cheap destination. Sure, you just started classes, but taking off to Vegas for the weekend is never a bad decision, especially when it doesn’t hit your wallet, and you never know what’s in store.

San Diego

Labor Day WeekendAs we have said, Labor Day weekend is typically marked as the last hurrah of summer. How better to spend that than by the beach in sunny southern California? People flock to San Diego this weekend, and rightfully so. The weather is literally perfect all year round, and that includes Labor Day weekend. Not to mention that since school has started back up, you have packed college campuses with UCSD, San Diego State, University of San Diego, and more. These colleges know how to throw down, and being by the beach with them is certainly going to be a good time. Check out Mission Beach and Pacific Beach for the best day drinking beaches around.


Labor Day WeekendTypically known as a Spring Break destination, Cancun is fun any time of the year. The weather is great during Labor Day weekend, and with everyone having to head back to school, the last minute travel prices here are perfect. There isn’t much better than being able to tell your friends that are heading there for Spring Break that you’re taking a long weekend party binge there now. The beaches in Cancun get packed for Labor Day, and the parties are pretty relentless. Getting an awesome tan right before school starts sounds pretty good, and string summer along just a bit longer with this weekend. Not to mention the nightlife during Labor Day weekend in Cancun is going to blow away any nightlife at your college.