Dive bars and college bars can usually be lumped into the same category. A lot of the times, the college bar is meant for just getting hammered out of your mind, in a laid back atmosphere, while putting on a terrible dance display with other people that want to do the same. Dive bars usually bring about the same crowd, but may have an older age group as well. Well when you combine a college bar with a dive bar, the atmosphere is unrelenting. Tacky decor, college aged drinkers, cheap drinks, and live music in a cramped space. This may not sound ideal, but place yourself on any campus in the U.S. and you are bound to fall in love with this scene. No dress codes and dollar pitchers pack the walls with eager partiers, and why not? Here are the four college dive bars in the U.S.

zogsZog’s Pool, Chapel Hill, N.C.:

If you are in Tar Heel country down at the University Of North Carolina, bring your god to Zog’s. That’s right those furry animals are let in here to watch you shoot pool, throw darts, and play trivia all over the infamous sticky floor. The letters over the bar read, “F–k Yeah.”, which sums up the idea of this glorious watering hole. This dive bar get packed on a nightly basis, and rightfully so.


8 ball saloon8 Ball Saloon, Ann Arbor, Mich.:

If you are a Michigan Wolverine, you know all about the 8 Ball Saloon. The $1 PBR three days a week is more than enough reason to pack the house, and consider it a dive bar. If this wasn’t enough, the basement beneath the restaurant that has plenty of stories held within it’s walls is called The Pig. That amazing name, along with the jukebox, darts, and pool tables make this the spot to be in Ann Arbor for a laid back night of pounding brews.

Coupe Deville’s, Charlottesville, Va.:

The University of Virginia is a notorious party school, and the bar scene lives up to that. At Coupe’s, the food is surprisingly good for a dive bar, and with the cozy atmosphere, you can make quite a night out of this place. The first year students are known occupants, and can usually be seen knocking a few back and screaming “Wagon Wheel” at the top of their lungs with zero shame, as every college student should be.


zenos-3Zeno’s Pub, State College, Pa.:

The live music at this Penn State venue gets the crowd moving, and it usually doesn’t stop until closing time. That, paired up with the 80 beers that challenge you to finish them to earn your picture on the wall make it a must visit. The graffiti on the bathroom walls and the dimly lit basement make for an interesting night of getting sloshed and wondering who you are dancing with.