For Spring Breakers visiting Las Vegas the week of March 12th, the Nightclub and Bar Convention (NCB) was definitely a hot spot. The convention is the perfect place to hang out with your friends, try as many new drinks as possible and not get kicked out for being wasted. It’s the perfect addition to a Spring Break vacation.

The Nightclub and Bar convention kicked off Monday with parties at several clubs across the Las Vegas strip. The Welcome kick-off party was hosted by Caesars Palace. There were featured drinks from the actual convention available at the cocktail party and all NCB members got in free with their passes. The rest of the week, there were several platinum parties hosted by local DJs and celebrities. XS nightclub was hosted by Lil Jon on Monday night. Ne-Yo and Malibu Red hosted the Marquee nightclub on Tuesday celebrating the top 100 nightclubs and bars that were also featured in the convention. Finally, 50 CENT hosted TAO nightclub on Wednesday and also promoted his new energy drink Street King.

The convention premiered at the Las Vegas convention center March 13-14. The floor was packed wall to wall with booths giving out alcohol, party necessities, and featuring nightclub and bar supplies. This convention is an annual event that brings nightclub and bar lovers together during Spring Break for a great time. Each day, booths were hosting games of beer pong, giving away prizes, throwing out freebies and mixing new drinks from around the world. Newcastle and Heineken revealed their latest green bottle Newcastle creation – a crisper, lighter Newcastle beer.


SX liquor had their very own DJ and Black Tape models. This corner of the nightclub and bar convention floor was one of the loudest and liveliest. The DJ was throwing out free mix CD’s, booty shorts, and shirts. The crowd was going wild as he pumped his mixes to today’s top artists. SX liquor had many of their different flavored liquors available to sample for the entire convention. Click the image of the Black Tape models to go to the SX liquor website.

Several Las Vegas gentleman’s clubs such as DeJa Vu and Little Darlings also brought their sexiest performers out to give their audience a show. They too gave away free shirts, bags, and other novelties. Many of the clubs handed out free passes and drink discounts that were valid the whole week of Spring Break.

In addition to the many booths supplying endless drinks, the famous Coors Light bus was parked on the showroom floor providing fresh tapped beer by the beautiful Coors Light girls. But if you wanted to take a break from the alcohol, there were also arcade games and other party games such as beer pong available to play. One of the most popular booths was the standing beer pong booth. This booth changed the tradition across the beer pong table to one similar to basketball. Instead of having a long table, players shot into cups held on a basketball backboard. It made the game a little different and challenging. Crowds of people swarmed the booth trying to get their chance to tryout the brand new beer pong challenge.

Other booths at the nightclub and bar convention featured products to help prevent hangovers. One popular product was Party Armor Hangover Protection (which worked by the way). Tons of free samples were given out for everyone to try on their hardest partying nights during Spring Break. For energy drink addicts, several convention booths such as the Beta Nox Ultimate Energy, gave away free samples of their most popular flavors.

Throughout the convention, celebrities were present to endorse their newest products. Toby Keith was among the most popular celebrities to make an appearance promoting his new tequila Wild Shot Mezcal. No matter if you’re a business owner, alcohol connoisseur or Spring Breaker looking to enjoy Las Vegas, the Nightclub and Bar convention accommodates all.