Although in some spots of the country, it will be warm one day, and snow the next, the inevitable hot Summer is coming. How better to cool off during the Summer and show off that sculpted body you have been working for than at a packed pool party? Hit up one of these 5 pool parties that are among the best in the world to guarantee a ridiculous party, along with beautiful people:

Love Juice, Marbella, Spain, Spain may not be as well known as the other party city, Ibiza, but the Summer scene can get just as crazy. Love Juice has brought some of the sickest times Marbella has ever seen. Looking across the Strait of Gibraltar into Africa, this awesome spot brings style and fun to the table better than your magnum bottle ever could. Hot women, hot weather and an awesome atmosphere, we dare you not to ruin your bank account. Ace of Spades champagne war, anyone? Expect plenty at Love Juice, Marbella.

Ushuaïa Pool Party, Ibiza, Spain

Some consider it the party capital of the world, and rightfully so. Ibiza knows how to throw down, especially in the summer. This huge pool offers not only an insane atmosphere, but a full size stage for concerts while you guzzle down your Dom Perrier Rosé. The party at Ibiza literally never stops, and if you want a pool to cool you down under the hot summer sun, Ushuaia is the place to be.

Nikki Beach, St. Tropez, France does not get any better than Nikki Beach in St. Tropez. With a different themed bash every weekend, the chances of you not having a good time are near zero. The crowds can be some of the bigger names in the world, and they keep a very strict door: the price to party here can be extremely hefty. You never know who will be slamming drinks in the cabana next to you, so put on your party thong, because this place is going to go off for sure.

Marquee Pool Party, Las Vegas word: Vegas. It is almost unfair to throw a pool party in Las Vegas. Their partying advantage is like none other. Of course, everyone is there for one reason and one reason only which is to party. This pool party is nothing short of amazing, and between the lack of rules, and even bigger lack of inhibitions, you have to check out Vegas in the summer. Major EDM artists are booked nearly every weekend, so this summer you are nearly guaranteed to have the time of your life. Presenting some of the most beautiful women this green Earth has to offer, you will find yourself bug-eyed and snapping your neck left and right.

RX at The Perry Hotel, Miami

Miami is more than well known for having some of the best beach bodies in the world, and knowing how to party. Throw both of those into a pool atmosphere, and it’s about to go down. The Travel Network actually rates this luxurious pool deck party as the best in the Nation. Set on the building’s rooftop, the party offers an ocean and city view unlike any other. Every wet Miami booty gets jumping up and down every weekend with this insane atmosphere. Get ready to enjoy the hot weather, at a hot party, with hot people.