So you had the time of your life last night. It was great; you danced the night away, grabbed a few phone numbers, and drank yourself into oblivion. Now it is the morning after, and you just swore you will never drink again because of the fact that your head feels like a cement mixer. This is a common occurrence on the weekends for many adults, and sometimes the weekdays as well. That morning after feeling of nausea and an inflated brain are enough to cause people to try anything possible to remedy the awfulness that is a hangover. Everyone has their own solutions to hangovers, and some work, while others just make you feel silly. Here are some of the top ones that will make your day just a bit better.


Taking a shower is a surefire way to wake you up a bit naturally, alternating between hot and cold temperatures. Despite what you may think, avoid caffeine. Too much caffeine will only further dehydrate you. Water is a common remedy, as all that dehydration needs to be replenished, and to help flush out all of the previous nights sins. Eating some greasy food will help slow the absorption of alcohol into the blood stream. That’s right, slam a bacon cheeseburger and feel a bit better. Also, as painful as it may be in the meantime, exercise will help you feel better. Sweating out the night before will cleanse your body and all the toxins that are kept inside. If all else fails, crush another beer or down another shot. The new alcohol in the body will take the attention off filtering out the old alcohol. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?!