Drinking Games - Three Man

Three Man

The purpose of a party is to get everyone together to enjoy the moment at hand. As a party host or even a party goer, it can be difficult to bring people together for various reasons. However, one way to break the ice and unite the party is with a drinking game. Three Man is probably one of the most fun out of all the drinking games out there. Here’s how to play:

With Three Man, there is no such thing as too many or too few people. Of course, the more people the more alcohol involved.

  1. All you need is a pair of dice. The rules will revolve around what numbers are rolled.
  2. Pick someone to become the first roller and decide if you’re going to play clockwise or counter clockwise.
  3. Now, when someone rolls a 7, the person to the right of the roller drinks.
  4. When someone rolls an 11, the person to the left of the roller drinks.
  5. If a 1 and a 4 is rolled, the last person to touch their nose has to drink.
  6. If at any time one of the dice you roll lands on a 3, you are what is called the “Three Man.” When you are the Three Man, you’re only objective is to roll another 3. Every time someone rolls a three before you do, you have to drink for as long as they tell you. Basically, as the Three Man, you’re screwed because you can’t make any of the other players drink since your stuck trying to “roll out,” or roll another 3. Plus, if you roll anything else but a 3, lets say you roll a 9, you have to drink for 9 seconds. If you roll a 12, you have to drink for 12 seconds, etc.
  7. If you roll the dice and they happen to land on any hard pair – or double numbered pair such as a 2 and 2, 3 and 3, 4 and 4, etc. – then you get to challenge another person in the game. The challenger and the challenged go into an immediate face-off. What the challenged person has to do is also roll a hard pair. If they are unable to roll a hard pair, the number they roll is equal to the amount of seconds they have to drink.  For example, if they failed to roll a hard pair and instead rolled a 5 and a 6, they have to drink for 11 seconds (5 + 6 = 11). If they do roll a hard pair, now the challenger is forced to roll. If the challenger does roll a hard pair, the cycle continues. But, if the challenger is unable to roll a hard pair, in addition to having to drink the amount they rolled, they also give up their turn.

    The challenger can also pick two different people for the hard pair battle. This means the two people picked each get a dice, and together, they have to roll a hard pair. If one person rolls a 3 and the other rolls a 3, then together they have rolled the hard pair, and so the challenger is now forced to roll. If the two people fail to roll their hard pair, they both have to drink the amount rolled.

  8. If you don’t roll any of the numbers stated above, you simply pass the dice to the next person.