Spring Break 2015 has come and gone for most of us, and the thought of that just sucks. You look forward to Spring Break all year long, and the buildup is almost as great as the week of raging. Now, if you’re a senior, the next big thing is graduation, and that is depressing. If you’re an underclassmen, you are probably already thinking about where you want to spend Spring Break 2016. Either way, you might be feeling down in the dumps because of the end of Spring Break season. Here’s a few ways to break out of your slump:

Host an absolute rager

Spring Break BluesAs soon as possible from the time you stepped foot back on campus, throw a banger of a party. You and your classmates are still in full on rage mode from the week of fun in the sun, so keep that party going. This will keep your mind off the sad fact you are no longer on a beach, and there is potentially snow outside. We are talking kegs, blacklights, beats, and more liquor than a hobo could handle. Also, this gives you a great chance to swap war stories with your friends that didn’t hit up the same location as you for Spring Break, and can help you get ideas for next year.

Smash a few randoms

If you did Spring Break 2015 right, you were drunk the entire week, and bumped uglies with as many randoms as possible. Like any breakup, the breakup from Spring Break sucks. How do you cure a breakup? By getting through as much strange as you can. Not to mention everyone will be looking sexy and tan after their Spring Break. After a few of these, you will start feeling better, and your game among your peers will be more confident for the home stretch of the school year, and heading into summer.

Start planning summer 2015

Beach DrinkingYou are mentally used to day drinking on a beach somewhere, and partying all night. What other atmosphere besides Spring Break has that? Summer of course. Right around the corner is 3 months of blissful fun, and you need to be ready. This includes planning trips, getting that beach body, training your liver, and figuring out your summer job and making sure it doesn’t interfere with your partying. Summer is going to be a big one, you don’t want to mess this one up.

Plan a trip with people you met on Spring Break

Summer TripUndoubtedly you met a ton of people on Spring Break. Sure, some of them sucked, but there was most likely a few people that were awesome, and you found yourself consistently meeting up with throughout the case. You were probably bummed at the end of the week when you had to say bye, and made some false plans of meeting up in the future. Well a good way to cure the post-Spring Break blues is to follow through with those plans. With the ease of social media, hit them up on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and plan a trip to meet up. The summer is a perfect time, especially to get out of your home town. Plan it so when you do meet up, it is just like Spring Break in the fact you are obliterated 24/7 and can do nothing but rage. Blues, gone!