Ahh, the weekend is upon us once more. After a not very hard week of class, work, and sitting, it is time to crack open a few cold ones. The question that many of us embark upon, is where to indulge in these beverages with our friends, and people that we tolerate until they turn around and we get the urge to throw the bottle at the back of their head? There are typically two venues for choosing, the rocking, grungy house party, and the rocking, grungy bar. Lets take a look at the pros and cons of both options.


Bars: So you are 21, or maybe have a fake id that looks nothing like you, but the bouncer doesn’t care or you have 2 nice assets on your chest that seem to be noticed first. The bar can be the go-to. This option might bring a DJ or live band with a big dance floor to show off your newest Miley Cyrus impersonation. People that actually know how to make drinks, for cheap, are behind the bar so you don’t even have to think. Also, you don’t need to worry about the booze running out, as this rarely happens at a bar. The downfall is they can be pricey. Let’s be honest, you are young, probably don’t care about your job, and your wallet is about as fat as a number 2 pencil. Also, if you are not of age, not being included in the “21 up” club can be annoying. Also, when you get too drunk at a bar, they throw you out. At a house party, they tell you to do another keg stand and shut up.


House Parties: Oh, the holy grail of college life. Beat up houses, stale beer stains, and sunken in couches. Is there anything better? This is what everyone lives the weekends for. Drink for dirt cheap, people of all ages are allowed, and you can Frat hop like no other. Not to mention the games that you can play like beer pong and flip cup. This stuff is just not allowed at bars. Also, the lack of a dress code at house parties is great, and a house party can start at 8am. Not many bars do this. The downfalls of raging at a house are few. Sure, they may be dirtier than a bar, but there are some grime filled bars out there. Also, the fact that the cops love shutting down house parties more than Jon Taffer loves shutting down drinking establishments can be annoying. It is rare you are in a bar and everyone gets kicked out. The cheaper beer may not wet palate quite like the better options at a bar. And let’s face it, those holes in the wall are not acceptable at a bar. But hey, that’s why you chose a house party, to go nuts.