Homecoming week is one of the best weeks of the college year, and we are in the midst of that season right now. Every college has their traditions, and yours is probably the best in your own eyes. Well, to open your world, we have given you a few of the best college Homecoming traditions in the country, and see how yours stacks up.

Game Ball run at Virginia Tech

The ROTC program at Virginia Tech started this tradition in 1977, where the week of Homecoming, leading up to the football game, they are in charge of the football. They carry this tradition by keeping the ball constantly moving throughout the week, carrying and running it 100 miles around campus. You can hear them shouting constantly to touch the game ball, as they try to have as many students and fans touch the game ball as possible. A pretty awesome way to get everyone involved.

The Gator Growl at University of Florida

growlUndoubtedly one of the best Homecoming traditions in the country, The Gator Growl goes all out. Considered to be the largest pep-rally run by students in the world, you better buckle your seatbelt. This isn’t just a bunch of students cheering a couple times. No, we are talking massive firework displays, thousands of students and fans, skits, the marching band, and headliners. Yes, we said headliners. Not your local comedians either. In the past, Robin Williams, Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno, and Dave Chappelle, among others have headlined this event. If you are lucky enough to be apart of The Gator Growl, we are jealous.

University of Central Florida’s Spirit Splash

Spirit SplashFlorida colleges are known for having the hot bodies, and pool parties galore. Well, imagine a campus sponsored pool party where every student is invited. That’s right, for this Homecoming tradition, the reflecting pool on campus plays host to an event where everyone surrounds the pool, then charges into it simultaneously. A pool party ensues afterwards, and you can only imagine the pre-game drinking festivities for this event. Not only that, but the cheerleaders put on a routine, and some of the football team gives speeches which only makes the crowd a bit rowdier. Nothing says Homecoming like a Florida pool party.

The Lighting of the Y at BYU

the YThe BYU initials are implanted on the side of the mountain at this campus, and every year during Homecoming week, the Y is lit up. At night toward the beginning of Homecoming week, hundreds of students trek the 1.2 miles trail in the dark of night, armed with lightbulbs. They take turns screwing them in until the Y is prominently displayed in the valley below. It is quite a sight to be seen every night during Homecoming week, and you best bet it gets everyone pretty fired up.

The Lantern Walk at Arizona State University

Similar to BYU’s tradition, this one in the desert involves lanterns. Rightfully named, “A” Mountain, fans, students, and families walk up it to light for the entire city of Tempe, Arizona to see. This isn’t the craziest event on the list, but with any type of Homecoming, you know ASU has to be included. This college goes nuts during Homecoming week, even more so than the 70,000 student campus usually is. Hot girls, hot weather, and good times are to be had all throughout campus.