When Spring Break comes to mind for most people, the imagery of planting their behind in the sand on a tropical beach somewhere, with a cool drink in their hand while scoping out potential hookups, comes to mind. Late nights partying, hungover breakfasts help you rally to continue pounding cervezas throughout the day is what people want. Not having a care in the world, and letting your hotel do all your work. While Cancun, Panama City Beach, Punta Cana, etc. are some of the hot spots that seem to be the most popular, a Spring Break party cruise is a great option as well. Many people overlook this option, and they are truly missing out. Here are some reasons to consider a party cruise for your week-long, alcohol and party infused bender.

vivablueoceanMultiple locations- The downfall of heading to a single location for Spring Break is you generally are going to spend the entire week at that exact location, while that may seem ideal to some, getting the most out of your week is what a party cruise can offer. Many of these party cruises head to multiple locations and islands, allowing you to see and party in different venues, and possibly even countries. You have 7 days to use up, might as well see as much as you can.

bahamas_boat_cruise_spring_break-1Less people- Some of the more popular locations for Spring Break, such as Panama City Beach, can be overwhelming for some people. You are talking about tens of thousands of people partying on the beach at the same time, and all trying to get into the same bars and clubs at night. If line waiting is not your thing, and you would rather be able to successfully navigate your way through Spring Break events, a party cruise might be a great choice for you. These usually have around 2,000 people, which is still a ton of people to go out with, meet, and party till you can’t stand anymore. ¬†Also, you can easily meet up with other people you have met, and you don’t need to worry about random locals boarding your ship

11sPrice- A large reason many people do not go away for Spring Break is because they simply cannot afford it. While it is true that going to places like Cancun for a week can cost over $1,000, having a raging Spring Break does not have to cost that much. Unless you are saving all year, a grand to drop on a week is a lot for anyone. Party cruises offer the same amount of fun, for usually a cheaper price. Sure, you can still spend as much as you want on a cruise, just like with any vacation, but the costs tend to be lower overall and still include many of the same, if not more amenities. The budget Spring Breaker can slam drinks all week long, stuff their face with food, get tan, and still come home with money in their wallet after a cruise. All of this while still getting a luxurious week off on a ship with 2,000 other like-minded co-eds.