Every year, new lists of the top party schools in the country come out, with different schools ranking at the top. Typically the same group of schools hovers in the top 10 or 15, and can be expected to keep that reign of raging year in and year out. The list everyone really turns to, though, and the one that seems to matter the most is the Princeton Review’s list. This is the king of the lists, and this list determines which school’s have the true bragging rights for the following 364 days. Well, this year’s list has been released, and there has been quite a shakeup in the party animal community. Some notorious party schools such as Arizona State University, completely fell off the map in terms of ranking, while some other, lesser-known schools slowly creep up the rankings proving their worth, one body shot and random hookup at a time. No matter what, all these schools will make you want to hit a road trip to rage at each of them for a weekend. Here are the top 10 party schools for this year, according to the Princeton Review:

10. University of Florida

Sunny Florida weather + Beautiful women + Big school vibe= This:

9. Bucknell University

This might be one of the biggest surprises in the top 10 in recent history, but power to them for raging against all odds!

8. University of Wisconsin – Madison

Football is king here, but don’t let that fool you from the amount of massive parties that also go on at this big school.

7. Penn State University

It is probably a safe assumption that Penn State will never not be considered a top party school. When you throw this many animals in the middle of nowhere, they are bound to make the most of it. By animals we mean of course endless smokeshows, Greek life to the max, and people that don’t need a reason to rip shots Wednesday mornings at 10am.

6. Lehigh University

What’s a Lehigh? Familiarize yourself, because if they have any say, the students here will make sure their school is on this list to stay for good. They certainly work hard at it, with some of the wildest nights you will encounter. They take their partying seriously, seriously.

5. University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign

The longest name on this list, they also might have the longest ongoing parties. This school rages every weekend until dawn it seems, as nobody wants to quit. They bring the heat in terms of hard partying and good looks, so you know you’re in for a wild time here.

4. West Virginia University

WVU is always near the top of the list; one weekend here will show you why. The house parties are insane, and seem to be constantly competing with each other to throw the biggest banger.

3. University of California – Santa Barbara

UCSB is notorious for being at the top of the party lists; you can’t go wrong here. The southern California sunshine combined with a beautiful college campus situated on the beach just breeds a good time. Their motto, “U Can Study Buzzed” fits this school perfectly.

2. University of Iowa

Last year’s number-one party school fell out of the top spot, but don’t be alarmed. The parties here are still insane. When there isn’t much else to do in Iowa, people drink.

1. Syracuse University

Syracuse University Party

The new number one, this sports-crazed school knows how to throw down, on game day, and off season. They earned this number one ranking through countless beers, morning after hangovers, and awkward encounters every Monday in the dining halls from that weekend’s random hookups. Rage on Syracuse!