The art of picking up someone you think is good looking seems pretty cut and dry. Girls can get seemingly whoever they want, and guys sink faster than you into the couch after a turkey dinner. For some reason, guys just assume rejection, and go for the old quantity over quality method, while girls assume if they just put themselves out there, they can get what they want.

Well, this is not always the case. If a guy comes onto a girl with a bunch of sexual innuendos, he is going to get slapped, drink in the face, or a hulk sized boyfriend forcing them to eat their knuckles from a stern pounding. You may think a girl making the same comments will get every guy turned on. While this may work occasionally, it is surprising how many guys it turns off. There is a way to grab a guy’s attention correctly using sexual innuendos though, without coming on to strong. So ladies, leave the “I have a job, but it blows” comments at home, and try these tactics to get a guy eating out of the palm of your hand