Beach Party

One of the best parts of Summer is day drinking on a beach somewhere. Whether it is by the ocean, the local lake, or that river everyone seems to head to every weekend, beach drinking is going to happen, and it’s going to be fun. To make the most of your boozing experience, make sure you bring these partying essentials to the beach with you

Good Speakers

If you really want to get into the drinking mood, you’re going to need a good set of speakers to blast music. Not only does it get the vibe going, but it can attract other savage beer drinkers who want to smash brews with you on the beach. Now your party of 5 just turned into a beach rage-fest, because your music let everyone on the beach know you came to f**k the sand up.

More Beer Than Food

BeerSure, food may help alleviate that hungry feeling, but you know what also does? Slugging a beer. The beer to food ratio needs to be around 30-1. For every one bag of chips, there should be 30 beers. You can never have enough beer while drinking on a beach, and you can crush drunk food later on.

Large Blanket

When you’re all sunburned and staggering around on the beach, you will need to find somewhere to land. A large blanket saves you from passing out face first in the sand, and it also allows others to join you. That cute broad you have been drunkenly squinting at for the last hour would love to join you all cozy and warm on your big bad blanket.

Drinking Games

Drinking GamesThis keeps the party going. On a beach, you can literally drink to anything, but to enhance it, you’re going to want some activities. Whether it is bags, a foldout table for flip cup or beer pong, or a Frisbee, drinking games are necessary. Polish horseshoes and drunk Wiffle ball are also fan favorites for the sun and the sand.

Plenty of Cups

Drinking on a beach means you probably can’t bring glass like bottles of beer and liquor. This is where cups come in. Believe us, you will rip through these cups like nobody’s business once the booze starts flowing. Especially on a beach where sand sticks to wet cups like a group of virgins stick together at a school dance. You will probably only get a maximum of 2 beers per cup before the sand monster invades the inside, so bring plenty for yourself and others. Plus, once flip cup gets started on a beach, it’s amazing how many cups end up in the hot sand.


Beach SunblockOh you already have a base tan? You never wear sunblock when you go to the beach? Well remind us of that the morning after hammering drinks down in the pure sun for hours on the beach while dehydrating your skin so it is a billion times easier to burn. When you wake up in the morning and can’t stop sweating from your blistering, purple skin, you’ll wish you listened to us. Drinking dehydrates your body, which in turn makes your skin more susceptible to burning in the sun. Be smart and toss on some spf before the booze starts flowing, and maybe even again halfway through if you can drunkenly find a way to put an even coat of block on your body.

Gallons of Water

You should be drinking water while you’re at the beach anyways. Also, when you go out drinking at night, you should mix some water in there. Put the two events together, and you should most definitely be throttling water like nobody’s business. Like we mentioned before, drinking in the sun causes you to become extra dehydrated, so be smart and slam some water throughout the day. Don’t worry, it won’t ruin your buzz too much, and it will only help you be able to continue raging through into the night after your day at the beach.