What is every man’s dream? To be rich? To be famous? To fulfill his destiny here on earth before he is finally allowed to enter the next realm of existence? Nope. It’s to talk to a group of girls he doesn’t know. It’s that simple. Deep down, every man wants to conquer his fears of talking to a herd of super hotties. And so, after many, many years of failure, insults, slaps in the face and two attempted kicks to the groin, we here at the Official Guide to Spring Break have finally achieved the dream. This is how to start talking with a group of Spring Break girls and increase your chances of making long term friends with hotties or getting one night stands – whichever you prefer:

The “Ugly” Girl

One way to get into a conversation with a group of girls is to talk to the “ugly” girl. When you see a group of fine women, there’s always that girl that’s just not quite as hot as the others. Make her your target. You get the ugly girl on your side and you win the crowd. Now, this doesn’t mean hit on the ugly girl, unless, of course, you want to. What you want to do is make her feel important and this is much more than just including her in the conversation. You want her to be the focus of the conversation. Put all of your energy into making her laugh because her seal of approval unlocks the gates to the other hotties. If you don’t give the ugly girl any attention, you know what happens? She’ll leave and take all her beautiful friends with her – it’s just what happens in the animal kingdom.


Here’s another way to approach a group of fine women. When approaching a group of Spring Break girls, you want to focus on one specific girl. That way, you can at least get your foot in the door to access the other hotties. You can always start off a conversation with a compliment, but be careful what you compliment her on. It’s best to talk about how you like her shoes, dress, or even her hair color.  It’s a great way to get her to lower her lines of defense and start talking with you.

What you don’t want to do is compliment her on things like her butt, legs or other parts of her body because it turns you into a pervert.  You can even start a conversation by complimenting her on something you notice she’s insecure with. For example, if she covers her face when she smiles, compliment her smile. If she looks uncomfortable in her dress, tell her you think she looks good in it.

The Shy One

You need to know each of the Spring Break girls in the group. This means that you should figure out who is who by observing them. For example, there’s the shy one, the life of the party, the slut, the ugly one, the stuck up one and so on. When choosing a girl out of the group, it’s good to choose the girl who is a little more timid than the others. It’s not always the ugly one you want to target. Sometimes, you want to target the one who doesn’t seem like the life of the party.

When approaching the shy girl, what usually happens is “the life of the party” will jump into the conversation – that’s just what the life of the party does, and actually, that is what you want to happen. So, choosing the shy girl can also start some interaction and maybe even a group conversation. More often than not, guys can carry a conversation with the timid girl for much longer. This allows you to stay in their group of friends for a greater amount of time, and chances are the other girls will join in on your conversation.

Another good reason why it’s a good idea to pick the shy girl is because if the conversation is going well, the other girls won’t try to pull her away from you. Why? Well, it’s a relief for the other girls to know that they won’t have to baby sit or entertain her while at the party. Timid Spring Break girls usually require extra attention. So, while you’re taking care of the shy one, the other girls have more time to scan the room for other guys and they’ll love you for that.