With football season back in full swing, fans from all over have even more of a reason to spend their entire weekends planted in front of the television. For a lot of people, merely making an indent in their couch is not enough to get a part of the action, so they venture out into society. Whether they go to a friends, a bar, or the game itself, there are many awesome ways to enjoy watching overgrown men legally beat the snot out of each other. If you are looking for a party, as well as the game, you are going to want to tailgate. Whether it is your favorite NFL team, college team that hasn’t won in 2 years, or the a random team, tailgating is a must. The holy grail of football, it is a great reminder that while men in impeccable shape gain fame and fortune, you are slugging beers and savagely destroying chicken wings in their parking lot. It’s amazing. If you are going to tailgate, you better go balls to the wall, and these essentials will make your concrete tailgate party the event to attend. You might as well not even go to the game.


First off, wear the right colors. Support your team that is playing. Whether it’s a t-shirt, jersey, or nipples out body paint, be proud. Don’t be that guy that wears a random team’s colors to the wrong game. People will stare. People will judge. People will throw beers at you. The more you wear, the more you get into the tailgate.

tailgate-food-wings-ribs-shrimp-gluten-freeFood. No tailgate is complete without food. And we are not talking broccoli chunks. No, you need to have the artery clogging goodness of wings, sausage, burgers, french onion dip, etc. If your blood sugar test after a tailgate doesn’t delegate you as a 57 year old man with severe onset diabetes, you have utterly failed. Bring a lot, as the more you drink , the more you eat. Assign out different foods to different friends (assuming you actually have fellow fans) and there will be something for everyone. Also, please don’t forget the grill to cook on.

tailgate-schools-auburnAlcohol. This might be the most essential part of a tailgate. Everyone knows football needs booze. How else are you going to obnoxiously scream, talk trash to the opposing fans, and take off your shirt in 30 degree weather without booze? Coolers packed with beer, jungle juice, and twisted teas are a staple, and the alcohol only makes every event more enjoyable. So pack the beer funnels, the kegs, and the unnecessarily large mug you got from seven-eleven that you can pack with way more liquid than you will ever need.


Games and entertainment. Unless you want to listen to your buddy’s new girlfriend that nobody really likes try to talk about sports, you better bring some beats. Have a variety of music, from amp up songs, to country, to the pregame stations on the radio to get yourself ready. Since this isn’t just a dance party, you are going to want some games. That foldout table you brought to hold your fat man’s buffet can double as a flip cup table and beer pong tournament. Also, bags (cornhole) is an amazing tailgate game, and even your roommates parent’s that actually visited for family weekend can join in on the fun, it’s that easy.

In reality, you are going to forget a ton of things, because you and your friends will not coordinate well enough to get it together in time, but that’s what makes it fun. You can tailgate with minimal items, as long as the booze is there, and good vibes, you will be ready to lose your voice and sound raspier than DMX with dry mouth.