In today’s culture, manscaping is pretty commonplace and more widely accepted than in the past. 20 years ago, if a guy manscaped, he was seen as too womanly and caring. Today, if you don’t manscape, good luck getting that girl to want to put her hands anywhere on your body. Sure, some guys don’t need to worry about it because they naturally do not have much hair, but most guys could use a bit of taming in one area or another.

Whether it’s your chest, back, arms, legs, manbush, or somewhere else, chances are at some point you have manscaped, or at least thought about manscaping and how to go about it. There are certainly some women who prefer the “all-natural” man, and that’s great for them, but trust us, they are in the minority. In today’s culture, many women at least want you to be cleaned up a bit. If you want them to keep it clean in certain areas, why wouldn’t they want the same of you? In case you seem to be lost in the art of manscaping, we have provided some helpful tips to get that fur chopped down.



Trim chest hair

This may not apply to everyone, but if you look like Chewbacca with your shirt off, and your hair is wildin’ out, you need to trim it. Now we say trim, because this is typically the best option. Using a beard trimmer, or they even have body hair trimmers now, choose a low setting and zip it across. It won’t get as close as a blade, but it will still look great and you can avoid the irritation that may come with a straight shave. Chest skin is typically sensitive. Trust us, you will instantly look a bit cleaner and your lady friends will thank you.


Use a blade all the time on your chest

ManscapingAs we just said, chest skin can be very sensitive. Sure, a straight shave with a blade on your chest looks good right away, but within a couple days you will probably see a bunch of red ingrown hairs, pimples, and skin irritation. Now you look worse than if you just kept the hair. Not to mention the stubble is unpleasant for the girls, and it itches pretty bad for you. Skip the blade and just trim it up.


Get rid of back hair

ManscapingPretty easy on here. While some girls may prefer a hairier chest, good luck finding a single soul that enjoys a hairy back. Either get it waxed off or trim it up with that body hair trimmer. If you can’t reach it, find someone willing to zip it around your back for a few minutes. It’s worth it.


Shave arms

Shaved arms may look clean, if your a chick. The only way you should be shaving your arms is if you’re a swimmer, a bodybuilder, or have extremely hairy arms and have full sleeve tattoos you want to show off. Other than this, skip it. It’s uncomfortable for girls to brush up against, and frankly it just looks a bit odd on a rugged guy. Girl’s do not care as much if you have hairy arms as they do about a back.


Keep the hedges maintained

The tuft of love down under. Keep it trimmed for the ladies sake. We know it can be a bit nerve wracking bringing  a razor all near your man bits, so start with a trimmer. You don’t have to go right to skin, but take some off the top at least. No girls want a nose full of man bush when they are down there, so help them out. Plus, it will make it look a bit more appealing.


Shave your legs

Refer to the arms paragraph. Same rules apply, and honestly this is even weirder than shaving your arms. Most likely you wear pants half the year anyways, so don’t worry about it. If you HAVE to trim up something, focus on the inner thigh area where your pubes connect to make it a bit less wild looking to the significant other. Skip the leg shaving though.