Chest Hair

This isn’t the 1970’s. An abundance of body hair is not exactly sexy. It hasn’t been a turn on for women to be sporting the chewbacca look for years, and now in today’s culture, men are starting to get rid of the fur. Beards are great, but too much fuzz in other places just doesn’t work, and we have the manscaping tips for you men that want to be smoother than creamy peanut butter.

Chest hair

Chest HairThis is the most common fuzz today for guys to get rid of. With today’s workout culture especially, showing off that chiseled chest is important. Most girls don’t love the idea of running their hands across the chest that feels that of a goats. For this, you can certainly try to use a razor or wax and get all the hair off nice and smooth. This feels great for a couple of days, but the issue is when it starts to grow back. It is itchy, and if you have sensitive skin, expect to get ingrown hairs and nasty pimples. Not to mention after about a week, it is all stubbly, and no girl is going to want to scratch their face off your nipples. We suggest using hair clippers or a beard trimmer and picking a low setting that can get down short enough so it looks clean, but not completely shaved off to avoid the irritation.

Back hair

This has to go. Just has to. Even the women that prefer their men natural, are not loving the fact your back looks like a “Welcome” mat. Get rid of it. Even though you can’t see it often because it is on your back, it’s there, and people at the beach can see it. This hair is tricky to get, because unless you are Gumby, your arms are not going to reach back there. We suggest going to get it waxed professionally, or if you have someone close enough and daring to help, having them do it. You can shave it, but prepare for it to grow back all stubbly. Not to mention that it’s time consuming.

Arms and legs

This is a hit or a miss. The trimming or shaving of the arm and leg hair for men is not nearly as common as the other body parts. We suggest you just leave these alone, unless you are an athlete of some sort, or your arm hair is so thick it gets caught in clothing. If you MUST do it however, start with clippers for an even look, then you can try to shave with a razor. Just be very cautious, because we can promise you that if you do shave your arm hair down to skin, it WILL itch very bad when it first starts to dome back in.

Ball Fro

ManscapingAh, the vaunted pubic region. Now this is the area that any guy that’s getting any sort of action wants to maintain. At first you may think it is un-manly of you, but we assure you it’s not. You don’t like when your girl has the beginnings of a new rainforest down there, so why would you do the same to her? Not saying you need to be shaving it all completely off, because we know how scary it is to involve a razor with your boys down there. But at least clean it up. Using clippers is a good start to even it out. Hit all the areas that may be touched by a hand or a mouth, no one likes a pube in their teeth. Not only does this make you seem cleaner, it also will help your homemade throttle look a bit larger to the eye. A nice perk. When it comes to the jewels, clippers are a scary thought as is a razor. As scary as a razor is though, you will be okay. Just make sure you do this while in the shower, and use plenty of soap. Stretch the skin out tight, and slowly start shaving. Trust us, when you are done and you feel down there and it’s like two eggs, you’ll be proud. Make sure you fully rinse, and clean every day to avoid ingrown hairs.