Going out to the bar is a great time to be had by all. Most people wait all week to get to that point, and the process is a huge part of the fun. We have outlined the 5 steps to a night out at the bar, and it can serve as a good outline to judge your night against others.

Getting Ready:

This is where the anticipation for the night ahead builds. Where you discuss with your friends about how many beers you are going to crush, how much tail you are going to throttle, and how it is going to be the greatest night. Now, we all know you more than likely will end up way too drunk to form a coherent sentence to the opposite sex, but that’s neither here nor there. The getting ready portion of the night is when you start to feel good about how you look, and plan out your onslaught around the town with your pals. The texts start flying, and you can’t wait to start hammering down drinks. Shower beers anyone?

The Pregame:

indexThis starts to coincide with getting ready, and if you start too early, you may just give up on your appearance. Whether it is a good old fashioned power hour, or game after game of beer pong, you need to make sure you are more lubed up than 2 virgins in a sandstorm for the bar. This is where the hype for the night really starts to build, and you better tip back as many as you can, so you don’t have to spend more than you can afford at the bar.

The Bar:

collegebarFinally, after 2 ID checks and a snapped heel from Jenny, you made it to the bar. Half of your group didn’t get in because they hit the pregame way too hard, and Sarah is already at the pizza shop on the corner stuffing her face, but you are in, and your night is about to take off. This is where you scout out the talent that you will inevitably scrape off the bar floor at the end of the night, but first it’s time to order up a round of shots. Oh, there’s the hookup from a month ago that you didn’t tell any of your friends about because you are certain a rowboat couldn’t support them without tipping over. Oh well, time to hit the dance floor because this is the meat of your night, and you don’t want it to go to waste.

Late Night Shenanigans:

drunkeat12So either the bars hit closing, or your group got kicked out for screaming lyrics to a song and puking in the sink. No matter what, this is where the real fun starts. Maybe you didn’t get lucky, so you and your friends are going to link arms down the street to the local grease filled late night food station to talk about how awesome your night was. Maybe you will relentlessly text a past hookup trying to get them to meet up, even though it is a Tuesday night, and they live in a different city. Or maybe, just maybe you got lucky and are headed home with that smokeshow (more like a strong 4, but beer does wonders), and can’t wait to show off your under covers skills.

The Pass Out:

222You will most likely forget to drink water wherever you end up, and that may be for the better so you don’t wake up in a puddle of alcohol laced urine. Either way, the pass out is never glorious, because it can strike at any time, any place. We put it as the last step, but we have all seen the guy passed out at the bar. Hopefully you made it home, or at least to shelter. Whether it is in your bed, hugging the dumper, or sprawled our on the kitchen floor with a burnt cinnamon roll in your hand, you made it.