Music festivals are a long standing tradition that just makes summer that much better. Festival season brings anticipation every year, with each festival trying to outdo each other, and to top the previous year’s performance. Music festivals are a great chance to travel to see a ton of your favorite artists at the same time, while getting obliterated for a few days with your friends, and new people you meet to become friends. The sense of community is awesome, and everyone is typically there to have a blast of a time. Although this year’s festival season is more than halfway over, there are still some great ones to be had. Here are 3 festivals worth checking out, and each one is in a different genre.

Burning Man, Nevada

Dates: August 25-September 1

Burning ManA music festival in the scorching desert heat might seem a bit brutal but when this lifeless patch of sand turns into a 50,000-strong city come August, you’ll see why it’s a must to hit up on your music festival bucket list. The festival starts on the Monday before Labor Day, and on the Saturday night they set light to a 12-meter-tall effigy of “The Man” and a smaller wooden dog.

Although there are no stages, showers, or food stalls here, party animals bring their own entertainment and music to this gathering filled with an awesome vibe of people that are just looking to spread the love of music and art through a weekend of raging in the desert. This isn’t your typical music festival, but there is plenty of music and entertainment happening all around you.

Outside Lands, San Francisco, United States

Dates: August 8-10

Outside LandsSan Fransisco is an awesome city to party in to start with, so add in an extremely popular music and food festival, and you have a win. Here there’s an emphasis on decent food and wine from the region and one stage is solar-powered. Awesome artists flock to Outside Lands every year because of the community sense it brings. Not to mention the California weather is perfect for an outdoor festival. Although most attendees are from the west coast, prepare to meet people here and there from all over that come into town to explore the festival and the city.

Lollapalooza, Chicago

Dates: August 1-3

lollapaloozaIt started out as a grungy event, set up 20 years ago by Jane’s Addiction singer Perry Farrell; headliners back then included Soundgarden and Pearl Jam. This event has grown over the years, and ended up at all different spots throughout the US before settling in Chicago. Close to 150 acts from every genre head to this raging festival where there is no shortage of a good time. Not to mention you are in one of the biggest, and most fun cities in the country. Lollapalooza is filled with people all trying to have a good time with each other, so prepare to meet some awesome people and share some boozing and dancing.