Day Weekend is a weekend filled with booze, day parties, and beautiful weather. You can spend it at home grilling all day lounging by a pool, or you can head to a quick weekend getaway at one of these four places that allow you to party the way America wants you to.

Palm Springs, California:

The one place where summertime weather is guaranteed, Palm Springs is an oasis in the desert. A place where famous people head to for relaxation, it sure heats up during Memorial Day weekend. People flock to Palm Springs for the weather, casinos, bars, and relaxation that it offers. You may spend a bit more here than you will other spots, but once you’re tossing back beers by a pool in 90 degree plus weather, you won’t worry about a thing.

Las Vegas, Nevada: had to know Vegas was going to be on this list. One of the busiest times of the year besides New Year’s Eve, Memorial Day in Vegas is like none other. Typically the weekend when most of the pool parties throw their opening events and biggest bashes, everywhere is bound to be packed with out of towners. The weather is usually perfect this time of year, and how better than to spend your three day weekend than by raging all three days in a bathing suit living the lavish life? Book a flight as soon as you can because you won’t regret this trip.

Charleston, South Carolina: only one here known for it’s beaches, if you’re looking for some fun in the sand, Charleston is for you. Memorial Day hits right before the humid air comes, so the weather is perfect this time of year. Take in the southern belles,  laid back atmosphere, and beautiful views, and you’re sure to have yourself a memorable 3 day weekend. Everyone in this city is extremely friendly, so it should not be hard to find a barbeque or house party to hit up along the beach, and these people know how to throw a bash. The parade is a big hit every year, and along with the amazing restaurants, this is a perfect getaway.

Austin, Texas:

The weather for Memorial Day typically sits in the high eighties in Austin, so bring your swim trunks. This rapidly growing Texan city is perfect for boating and enjoying the weather. Also, if you are looking to throw down and booze hard for the 3 day weekend, not many cities party harder than Austin. With so many non-natives that live here, everyone is looking to meet each other. Also, the University of Texas brings in plenty of party animals that call Austin home. If you like good food, music, awesome bars, and perfect May weather, than Austin is a spot to check out for Memorial Day.