The train for preparing for Spring Break keeps chugging along, and this week we are going to explore everything that South Padre Island in Texas has to offer. Staying in the states for Spring Break, can offer many benefits, such as the cost is usually lower than heading to a tropical land somewhere. Also, another perk of staying in the states is the fact that usually more big musical artists are more likely to make an appearance. Although many times artists are not announced until when Spring Break happens, a few are already confirmed. We will go over some of the artists that are going to rock your Spring Break into another world.

Clayton’s Beach Bar is considered one of the biggest beach bars around, and they are the host to some of the biggest names that will be hitting South Padre Island for Spring Break, so here is their lineup you don’t want to miss:

March 11th: Country is big in Texas, and the Randy Rogers band will be heading to the Lone Star State to put on a show that you can slam some beers to and sing along.

indexMarch 13th: Country returns again for all you hard partiers. The Josh Abbot Band hits South Padre Island to get your party started. They are from Texas, so they know how it goes when it comes to raging on Spring Break, and how better to do it than on the beach?

Wiz-Khalifa12March 15th: One of the biggest names to hit South Padre Island and Clayton’s Beach Bar, is sure to draw a huge crowd. Wiz Khalifa will take the stage March 15th, and he is known to stick around and party after his shows. The Taylor Gang rapper will get you dancing with some random you just met, and slugging drinks faster than you can imagine.

imagesMarch 22nd: Continuing with the rap genre, Machine Gun Kelly will be rocking the beach stage, and he is a well known partier himself. If you want to finish your Spring Break strong in South Padre Island, the one known as MGK will make sure that happens. See if you can slam drinks faster than his delivery, and he no doubt will rage face with you after the show.

There are many more artists that will for sure be making appearances, whether it is to perform, or just take in the sights of hot bodies and to party all day and night. Keep an eye out for announcements as the weeks get closer!