The ending of summer sucks every year, and it never gets easier. One thing that certainly helps the transition from summer to fall, besides football, is going back to college. Although some stick around campus throughout the summer break, most people head back to their respective hometowns to spend the summer working, hanging out with friends, and hitting the beaches and lakes. This is fun and all, but nothing compares to the 9 months spent on campus. We have put together a few things about going back to college that make the end of summer worth it, and cause you to look forward to every year.

Dining halls

dining hallStarting off with a bit of a surprise here, but a sure thing no doubt. Dining halls are a sleeper candidate for one of the best parts of college. Every meal you spend here, is an all out buffet of countless options for you to stuff your face with. Whether it is a Saturday morning hungover breakfast that lasts 2 hours because you and your friends can’t stop talking about last night’s party, or it is a Tuesday night dinner with half of your floor. Dining halls have something for everyone, and since they feel like it is essentially free food, you jam as many trips in as you can. Goodbye summer body, hello extra layers of fat to keep you warm throughout winter.

New hookups

New school year means fresh talent to hook up with. Countless incoming freshman fill the hook up pool, new transfers arrive, and add in all the friends that visit all these new people on the weekends and you have some pretty ripe pickings. Not to mention a lot of awkwardness from a hookup can disappear over a summer season. Maybe that girl’s friends forgot about the story of you puking in her bed after hooking up with her second semester, and they will let you take them to the boom boom room. College is built for hooking up, might as well take advantage of it every year.

Ragers on random nights

College PartySure, summer drinking is absolutely a blast and is fun, but there are limits. While during summer you are usually at your parent’s house, your parties aren’t exactly huge, putting chairs through walls and finding used condoms on the deck type adventures. Going back to college means absolute bangers of parties, especially on random nights like a Tuesday or a Thursday. Time to get the keg filled at 1pm, and drink until your eyeballs bleed.

Thousands of friends nearby

When you head home for the summer, it is great to see old friends that you haven’t gotten to party with in a while. As you get older, everytime you go home you probably see less and less of these friends. In college, it literally is a town consisting of just your friends. There are thousands of people your age, with the same interests lining the streets. It’s weird to think about, but your neighbors are houses, dorms, and apartments filled with fun, and not cranky 45 year old divorced men. This allows you to constantly have a good time, and you don’t have to worry about being bored. A quick text and walk down the street and you’re golden.

Tailgating football games

College TailgateYou know football had to be on a list of things that aren’t so bad about summer ending, and going back to college means football season is starting. Whether you go to a big-time division one college, or a tiny school with 1,200 students, if you have a football team, tailgating is a blast. Not much is better than waking up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday, hungover as can be, and cracking a beer so you can watch some people smash into each other on the field. Something about that fall air just breeds excitement, and add in some whiskey and football and your Saturday just got a whole lot better.