Each year 4/20 becomes a bigger and bigger day, and the slow legalization of marijuana throughout the country has a lot to do with that. Sure, people party on 4/20 every year anyways, but with weed becoming increasingly more legal, these parties and events are getting bigger and crazier. Even if weed isn’t legal yet in your city, chances are there is an event going on, or you live somewhat close to where it is legal. We know you want to party hard this year, so here are the top cities to celebrate this glorious day.

4/20 Cities

Boulder, Colorado

4/20 CitiesAnnually one of the most famous weed smoking spots in the good ol U S of A, Boulder and Denver alike know how to get down. With marijuana being legal here, it’s no surprise that thousands of people flock here by car and plane every year to celebrate. Who doesn’t want to get in on the biggest weed smoking spot there is?! Even though marijuana recently became legal here within the last couple years, the city has been pretty free-spirited about weed usage for a long time now. The locals and police are both on the same side, unless violence breaks out, which is hardly ever the case. CU Boulder is known as the go-to spot for the 4/20 party, with annual attendance reaching between 10,000 and 15,000 people, with this year sure to break that mark. With the amount of weed shops in the area, they have something for everyone in order for your party face to be on full display this year.

Portland, Oregon

With marijuana being legalized here, Portland has free reign to do basically whatever they want every year on 4/20. Mt. Tabor Park in the city is the spot most locals head to, for a full day of celebrating and smoking. Make sure you bust out your gear, and load up on as much leafy product as you can. This party literally lasts all day, and is one of the bigger ones in the country.

Santa Cruz, California

The University of California, Santa Cruz has a huge bash every 4/20 that you just can’t miss. One of the bigger college 4/20 parties in the country, even though the school doesn’t put it on, it doesn’t stop thousands from heading here to celebrate. If you’re worried about smoking and the attention it can bring, no worries, chances are you won’t be alone with chomping down some edibles so you can have a heck of a time.

San Francisco, California

San FranciscoSan Francisco is full of hippies, so it’s no surprise that every year on 4/20, everyone heads to Hippie Hill. Sitting right in Golden Gate Park, you are sure to find yourself a good time with other people focused on smoking as much as possible and celebrating hard. Everyone here seems to be extremely friendly as well, which fits the hippie vibe perfectly. The police pretty much leave this party alone too, which is great. As long as you don’t draw any unnecessary attention to yourself, you should be perfectly fine.

Tallahassee, Florida

As annually one of the top three pot smoking cities in the country, you know they go big here. Not to mention that Florida State University is here, so there is no shortage of party animals that indulge in the sweet nectar of a blunt. There are huge events every year here, all celebrating the fun loving bud. You can only imagine the food delivery orders that happen every year here.