College football season finally here, and the games are fun, but let’s be serious. The tailgate is what 75% of people are looking forward to. If you want to see some real tailgating this season, head to one of these 5 campuses before the big game, and get ready to watch how it’s done!

University of Texas-Austin

texas tailgateThe Longhorns are a team that no matter how good or badly they do, their fans are diehard and are going to rage in spirit for them. Not to mention that Austin is one of the funnest cities to party in, you put those two together and you have a heck of a time. Oh, did we mention that those Texas girls know how to get down, drink heavy, and look good while doing it? Cheers up to the Longhorn tailgates every year. They take their football serious, but their partying is king.

University of Michigan-Anne Arbor

Anne Arbor might not strike you as the biggest party city in the world. It certainly isn’t a San Diego, Los Angeles, or Miami, but it doesn’t need those, because they have the Wolverines. The tradition of this team is strong, and the people come out by the tens of thousands to root for this team. The Ohio State-Michigan game consistently breaks records for attendance, so you KNOW this tailgate is going to be lit. We are talking keg stands as far as the eye can see. The type of town that wakes up at 6am in a Michigan cold fall day to rip jello shots until they can’t feel the cold anymore.

University of Miami

The U is basically on this list because of where they are located. Not that the tailgate isn’t as great as the other schools on this list, but you can’t beat the weather. Not only is that Florida weather amazing, it brings out the girls that wear bandannas as tops, and you can’t beat that view when you’re smashing brews for 5 hours before a football game. The team might not be as good as they used to be, but that’s not what this list is about. We are about the party, and the University of Miami certainly brings that.

University of Alabama

alabama-tailgaitingAlabama has been king of the college football world is seems for the last decade. These might be the biggest fans of anything on earth. You won’t be able to take a breath between sipping beers at this tailgate without hearing at least three, “Roll Tide”, calls. The Crimson Tide’s tailgate really is a sight to behold. People go all out for this, with the biggest games being planned out weeks in advance. You better have your top tailgating attitude ready, because between the booze, the music, the food, and the party, you won’t find a better tailgate out there.

Louisiana State University

LSU! LSU! LSU! The SEC takes football more seriously than ANY other conference in all of college football, and that certainly translates to the pre-game at the tailgate. LSU tailgates are notorious for some of the best southern cooking you will find, with the smells alone making you want to hang in the parking lot for the game instead. Heck, a tenth of the fans do just that, and watch the game on TVs they have brought in their cars. The southern belles at this tailgate are out in full force, and you better have your whiskey drinking shoes on, because you know Louisiana means bourbon all day long.