Are you looking to turn heads? Shopping for bathing suits can be difficult. Let me introduce you to the sexiest bathing suit for your body.


If you’re busty, a tiny triangle bikini isn’t your best friend. A better solution would be a more supportive top. It will hold you in place making it even easier to show off what you’ve got. Avoid wearing a top with ruffles or one that is extremely decorated as it will add too much volume. Here are a few examples:


If you are curvy, embrace it! A great style to try is the 50’s pin up style. You’ll still get all the coverage you’re looking for but your curves will be accentuated. Even choosing flattering patterns that follow your curves would give a sexy look for the beach. Choose higher rise bottoms to follow your curves better. String bikinis are not your best option because they separate your body awkwardly. Here’s some examples:


If you are pear shaped, avoid adding extra volume to your bottom half. You’re goal is to add a little more balance with your body. Try an unpatterned midrise bottom for your lower half and a bright or patterned halter for your top half. Adding to your top half whether it be with patterns or jewels helps balance your amazing body out. Here are some examples:


If you have a boy shaped body, look for styles that will give you an hour glass figure. If you choose a one piece, find one with cinched-in sides and more lift for your girls. You will instantly have a more feminine figure. For a two piece, boy shorts follow your body’s natural curves and will draw the eye to your illusionary waist.Here’s a few examples:


If you are tall, look for flowery, girly pattern. Ruffles will also add curves and draw attention to your amazing athletic figure. Two pieces are your best choice because they show off your full height. One pieces can make you appear lanky. Even a string bikini would be a great option for you because it helps separate your body.Here’s a few examples:


If you are petite, look for a more supportive top to help elongate your body. For your bottom half, choose a bottom that is high cut on your legs. You will be able to show off more of your legs making your legs appear to be longer. Here’s some examples:


If you have a long torso, you want to add volume to your upper and lower body to add balance. Try a halter top with patterns and even bows and bottoms with a wide waist band and matching patterns. Bottoms with side ties will also bring a little more volume to your figure. If you love string bikinis, find one with ruffles to give you a little boost.
Here are a few examples:

Now that you know what works best for your body, get out there and shop!