Well the time is just about here folks. That’s right, the week you have been waiting for since last March is literally right around the corner. The holy grail, Spring Break has arrived. The months of preparation of working out, tanning, training your liver, and mentally prepping yourself is about to pay off as you embark on the greatest college tradition known to man. A week off from school with nothing to do besides get hammered, meet people you will never see again, not care about a thing in the world, and attempt to go home with as many people you can at the end of each night.

In order to have the best week of your life, you most likely already know what you are going to pack. It seems like common sense on what to throw in your suitcase, but you’d be surprised at how many people fail miserably every year and something goes wrong that could have been prevented if they had just packed a bit better. Here are 5 essential last minute items that you need that will help your week go smoothly.


"Sucky" SunburnJust think, you have been in the cold weather, most likely indoors for the last 6 months, sheltering yourself from the sun. You are about to spend a week in tropical weather, beating sun, and getting trashed all day on a beach dehydrating yourself. You will probably forget that your skin will burn faster than a ginger sitting on the sun. You don’t want to get roasted so bad the first day, it ruins the rest of your week with pain and disgusting blisters and peeling. Bring extra, and use it.

Extra Flip Flops

You will break or lose your flip flops. I repeat, it will happen. Plan for this. Bring an extra pair of cheap flip flops so when you get so trashed and you are stomping around like a caveman because you can’t remember where you put your nice ones, you won’t slam your foot down on broken glass, burn your foot on the steaming hot poolside, or have to spend the week with feet dirtier than Bilbo Baggins. Trust us, it is worth the extra 3 bucks at Walmart to invest in a second pair.


You’re going to get hammered on cheap booze. If you are at an all-inclusive resort, don’t trick yourself into thinking you are drinking the finest island spirits. It is the bottom of the barrel booze, and that is perfectly okay because you are there to get blasted. That, combined with most likely not taking a single sip of water all day besides the mouthful you get of extremely clean pool water, you are begging for a recipe for a nasty hangover. It is perfectly fine to get one, as everyone will, but you don’t want it to ruin the next day to the point where you can’t be at the beach party or near people. Take Advil and just pop a few like Skittles every morning and you will be ready to rock.


https://theogsb.com/While not everyone gets lucky on Spring Break, the chances are much higher. You get thousands of obliterated people that will never see each other again all within a small area on a beach with no reason to worry, it is undeniable that some punching the monkey is going to happen. Nobody wants to feel the burn when they pee the next morning, as that would ruin mimosas at brunch. Pack condoms, and use them, because that seemingly innocent broad you hook up with that tells you she never does that sort of thing, is lying to your drunken face.

Disposable Camera

Everyone has smart phones these days with amazing cameras included. That is great and all, but do you really think you are going to be responsible enough to not drop it in the pool, keep it from getting snagged by some dirtbag, forget where you left it, or leave it to fry in the sun all day? The answer is probably no. Disposable cameras are great for Spring Break because if any of that happens, it isn’t a big deal, and they are cheap enough. Buy a few and take some epic pictures, that will for sure get you weird looks from the guy at the counter when he hands them back to you after he develops them.