Summertime just screams outdoor drinking. Whether it is on a beach somewhere, in a boat, on your deck, or at a luxurious hotel, it just seems to get the juices flowing enjoying the beautiful weather with a drink in hand. All over the country, in every city, this happens daily. Las Vegas is a summertime paradise, with plenty of options to get your party on, and these rooftop bars are sure to give you a view worthy of a Facebook cover photo while throttling some alcoholic drinks down to ease your fear of heights.



Moon & Ghostbar at the Palms are two amazing rooftop bars in one hotel. Perched 55 feet above the strip, you are sure to get your heart racing from the jaw dropping views. Ghostbar offers an outdoor escape as well, so girls, break out your cameras. If you are feeling those beer muscles, don’t be afraid to stand on the glass bottomed platform that allows you to look straight down to the street. At Moon, the retractable roof makes any weather perfect to swallow some alcohol.

Voodoo Lounge

voodoo-staircaseVoodoo Lounge at the Rio Hotel is 51 floors above Las Vegas and this place is two floors of raging fun. The 40,000-pound staircase had to be airlifted to the top of the hotel, and for good reasons. With inside and outside options, there are endless places to meet someone that you never have to see again. Inside, everything is fair game from dancing on tables to chairs, so go nuts. We all know when you first walk in you tell yourself there is no way you will end up on the bar, then after five tequila shots the entire bar is chanting your name as you drop it lower than the stock market during the Great Depression on top of the bar. Just step outside, for yet another vibe that is sure to get your blood flowing heavily (although sprinkled with alcohol) from the views.


PureNBAPure at Caesar’s palace is a multiple room venue that will make any Instagram account blow up within an hour. The all white theme of the main room is an incredible place to dance until you can’t sweat anymore, all while taking in the crazy scene that is the strip below. There is also the Red Room which is where the heavy plastic is dropped, as it is the VIP lounge. You are sure to rub elbows with someone loaded while tossing back that martini you can barely afford.

Mix Lounge

mixloungeMix Lounge at Mandalay Bay Resort is on top of the hotel, and give you every reason to spend the night there. The 64th floor is sure to make you weak in the knees, which may or may not be a good thing for later after you meet someone worthy of taking the city’s slogan to heart. The outdoor patio is the VIP section, but the views can be seen from anywhere inside as the walls of the lounge are made of glass.