Slope season is officially here, and that means it is time to hit the mountain with some friends, and make a day of ripping up the trails. Whether you ski or snowboard, the mountain is friendly to everyone, and you can make it a ton more fun by what you do. A lot of people like to stay the night to get the maximum benefit out of their trip. This involves getting hammered at the local ski lodge, and hooking up with a snow bunny or two. That is great and all, but why wait until your day on the slopes is over to start getting your buzz on? That makes no sense, especially when you have the pristine white, fluffy snow to look at while you warm up on some alcohol goodness. Let’s take a look at a few ways to drink on the mountain, to maximize that extremely overpriced lift ticket you just paid for.

Drinking on the slopes

Stock up your ski jacket with beers:

This method works wonders, if you don’t plan on falling at all. Ski jackets are commonly built with large, deep pockets all over. This is because the companies want you to have places to store your gloves, hand warmers, hats, cell phones, and snacks. No, no, no, the only snacks you need are a few bud heavies. These deep pockets are perfect for stashing a few cold ones to chug while you’re sitting on the ski lift. Just don’t crash, because that can in your chest pocket can snap a rib like a twig.

Fill up that flask:

Liquor, especially cinnamon schnapps, is great on the mountain because it keeps you warm in the cold temperature. It’s science. Filling up the ol’ flask is a great way to get your liquor fix. Every time you take a quick break on a trail, you can quickly whip it out and take a swig and pass it to your friends. It is inconspicuous, won’t hurt as bad if you fall on it, and you can refill them fairly easily. The gondola break is a perfect time to rip some shots with your friends before you hit the trail.

The lodge:

travel-graphics-200_433094aOh, the lodge. How we love our good friend. What starts out as an innocent 10am break for a quick brewski, quickly turns into much more. The lodge is your saving grace on a freezing cold day. After you have a couple, you find yourself needing to hit the bathroom anyways, so why not snag another drink, or 4? Next thing you know, it’s 1:30pm, and you are slaughtering drinks like you’re Lindsey Lohan before she hops in her car to go home. The mountain lodge usually gets packed as the day winds down, so stake your claim on your barstool early, and reminisce about the half day you just had on the mountain, while you chat up that night’s prey.