First Go-to

Cancun Spring Break

When people think about Spring Break, typically the first place people think of is Cancun. This is most likely because of the fact it has been a Spring Break powerhouse for so long, but is has a positive impact on the experience. Because year after year people flock to Cancun, they are constantly thinking of new ways to up the ante, and make the party scene more fun. Sure, Cancun is known as a Spring Break spot, but it’s also known as a general party spot any time of the year. If you’re looking to get down in a foreign land, no matter when it is, Cancun is a top option. It’s because of this constant, all year partying, that Cancun has had to transform itself to cater to the masses, and that bodes well for Spring Breakers. If they rage this hard all year, imagine the type of ridiculous fun they pack into the Spring Break months.

Sheer numbers

Playing off being the first go-to when you think of Spring Break, this causes so many people to book this for their week of freedom in the sun. Hence you had massive amounts of people raging in Cancun, which means you never have to worry about if it’s going to be fun enough. Some of the biggest musical acts perform here every March for the thousands of people, and the parties are insane. The hotels here have gotten even bigger to accommodate the people, parties even more massive, and the drinking and sexy fun even more insane. There may be spots in the U.S. that attract more people such as Panama City Beach, but we can guarantee that Cancun’s numbers are more than enough, yet not overwhelming. Also, it is certainly the top foreign destination outside of the U.S.

Cancun Spring Break Weather

This is kind of a no brainer, but Cancun is a must hit spot for Spring Break because of the weather. The warmth in the 80’s-90’s all week, and that sun beating down on you, is the perfect way to get out of your cold campus. Not many people are trying to see worse weather than what they have on campus, but Cancun’s is so on point, it isn’t funny. Not to mention once you release all these cooped up girls that have been stuck in that winter weather, into the sunshine of a foreign drunk land, you can expect to see some insanely fun things happen. The weather here allows for constantly pounding beers on the beach, body shots by the pool, and a slight breeze as you rage all night.


Okay, so it might not be the cheapest Spring Break option out there, but it could be far worse. Relatively speaking, when you factor in flying to a foreign country, staying in an all you can booze, eat, and party resort right on a beautiful beach, and getting entrance to some of the most exclusive raging parties of the year, Cancun can be quite cheap compared to other locations. As with any Spring Break, you can make this trip as cheap or expensive as you’d like. Really, besides maybe the flight, if you’re splitting a room with some friends, it’s really not a bad deal at all. Hit up the local store the first day you’re in Cancun, and buy a little bit of booze and snacks for the room to pre-game with or end the nights with. Remember, don’t go overboard especially if you are staying in an all-inclusive. If for some reason you’re not, then by all means load up, as this will greatly reduce how much you spend on hotel drinks.