For most schools, Spring Break is only about 2 months away. While that may still seem far away to some, the time to start prepping is now. Between the drinking, wearing a bathing suit, and the cash flow, every aspect needs to be on point this year. Use these 4 tips to start preparing for the best week of your life now, and you won’t regret it when you plane lands down in a tropical paradise.

Start Preparing For Spring BreakWorking out:

Who doesn’t want to look good for Spring Break? Now, if you already go to the gym, you will see an increase of people hitting it up about 2 weeks before Spring Break trying to get that hot body. These people are clueless when it comes to fitness, and the time it takes to earn a good body. A Zeus like physique will not come in 2 weeks, but starting 2 months before Spring Break, can do wonders for your body. Start hitting it hard now, and in 8 or 9 weeks when you hit the beach, your genitals will thank you.

Saving Money For Spring Break



Saving money:

Depending on where you booked your Spring Break, it can be expensive. Even if you have already paid for a flight, and you are staying at an all-inclusive resort, be prepared to spend a bit of money. Factor in random bars and clubs you may end up at, transportation to and from venues, and extra emergency money. It doesn’t hurt to save a little bit of money for when you get back so you don’t feel like a panhandler scrambling for loose change.

Tanning for Spring BreakBronzing the bod:

You can wait a little bit on this one, but if you are heading somewhere hot and sunny, you are going to want to get a base tan. Not only does it look a bit better than your current winter see-through skin, but it will help the first couple days on the beach so you don’t burn like a cinnamon roll left in the oven while drunk. Nothing is worse than not being able to enjoy your Spring Break because you are fried and need someone to put ointment on you. Start a tan a couple weeks out, and you will be set to get as dark as you want on Spring Break.

Drinking for Spring BreakTrain your liver:

If only one thing comes to mind when thinking of Spring Break, it is probably drinking. This is a week of nonstop being hammered, and that is perfectly awesome. You may party a lot during the school year, but it is safe to say not as much as you will at a constant level on Spring Break. Help yourself out by training that liver to get ready for the madness you are about to throw its way. Plus, it gives you a great excuse to party extra hard the next couple months. Amp up your drinking game over the next 8 weeks so you are not the dude passed out on the beach at noon while his buddies make sunscreen designs on your back.