Spring Break is a chance for you to rage in the sun with friends, and where better to do that than at Lake Havasu in Arizona? This place has it all, huge parties, hot bodies, warm weather, and of course the lake itself, which is enormous. Plenty of space to get your Spring Break party freak on. Now the big thing people need to figure out when planning a trip to Lake Havasu, is where they are going to face-plant at the end of the night, so we have you covered.


Now, the entire lake is a state park that is complete with campgrounds that you can get to by driving or boating. How awesome would it be to spend your Spring Break sleeping outside after a hard day and night of drinking? Just think, you can bring that hottie back to your campsite for some under the stars fun.

Nautical Inn Resort

Lake Havasu Nautical Inn ResortSince Lake Havasu is huge on the boating scene, this place lets you leave your boat right outside your room in the water. With amazing views of both the water and mountains, it proclaims itself as the only all-beachfront resort. A heated pool, jacuzzi, and golf course make this place an all in one stop for Spring Break.

London Bridge Resort

Lake Havasu's London Bridge ResortAlthough a bit pricier, this resort gives you the advantage of being right in the thick of the action and wild fun. Right next to the London Bridge, it has a full spa, plenty of boat and beach access, and you can walk to the most popular nightclub, Kokomo. You can definitely show off your worth at this luxury spot.

The Island Inn

This is a great choice for a basic room away from all the crowds and noise during the daytime. It is perfect if you need a day of rest in between slugging a thousand beers. It has great beach access and a hot tub for that late night fun that you just might need, and the price won’t break that bank account in half.

The Havasu Inn

Havasu Inn Outside

One of the newest hotels in all of Lake Havasu, it is basic, but gets the job done. After undergoing a half-million dollar renovation, this place is worth checking out. It is located near all the action, and let’s be serious, you might just need a place to crash and smash, not sit in your room the entire time.