Hangover Cures: For Your Super Awesome Night of…What the Heck Happened?

Oh, the natural balance of the universe – it’s a beautiful thing. We all know that from the amount of alcohol you drink, there will be an equal and opposite reaction the next day in the form of the great hangover. Chance favors the prepared mind and so if you party right you can minimize that head pounding hangover the next morning. So, if you’re looking to survive Spring Break, here are some hangover cures to help you.

1. Before you drink, take a lot of B vitamins. Alcohol depletes our body of vitamins and thus, our energy.  The components of B vitamins are needed to keep our bodies and minds healthy and active throughout the day (and night). When you take B vitamins before you drink, you load up on these important vitamins so that the alcohol will not fully deplete these vital nutrients.

2. Drink on a full stomach, but not too full, of course. Make sure you eat before you drink. Many people will even say that the greasier the food the better. When drinking on a full stomach you can drink more and decrease the chances of suffering a massive hangover tomorrow.

3. In between alcoholic drinks, drink some water. By staying hydrated you stay buzzed and not drunk.

4. The greatest of hangover cures is to chug a Gatorade as soon as you wake up after a night of drinking. Bombarding your body with electrolytes in the morning can help to ease your body into a state of recovery.

5. While drinking, don’t sit still for too long. If you sit and drink all night long, the alcohol will soak and you will feel it more the next morning. Get up, move around, dance, talk, do something to stay active.

6. Keep your head above your shoulders. When your parents tell you to sit up straight it’s not only because they have control issues, they know that good posture is good for your health as well. Ancient Yogis have been preaching this for thousands of years. Sometimes, when you are slouched over drinking it can lead to getting more drunk and a worse hangover in the morning. So, sit up straight, move and keep your head above your shoulders.

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7. Throw up, if you have to. Forget about being a wimp. Just throw it up! It’s better than ruining the party for others or not being able to enjoy the party yourself. Just throw up, get it over with and party on. Plus, if you throw up, you’ll make more room for more drinks which gives you a chance to redeem yourself.

8. If you do throw up, drink coconut water, Gatorade, something with electrolytes. This will help replenish what you lost.

9. Eat after you drink. When it comes to preventing a hangover, eating and soaking up all the alcohol before passing out will help.

10. Slow down on the sweet drinks. Sweetened cocktails and sweet liquors may taste good, but are known to cause horrible hangovers the next morning. So, take it easy on these delicious cocktails.