When looking for a good location to party, there are countless options across the U.S. and even more throughout the globe. One party that has gained steam over the years, is Thailand’s Full Moon Party. Every night of a full moon and the ensuing weekend, up to 30,000 party goers and backpackers flock to the Thai island of Koh Phangan to let loose on the beaches for an all night rave of debauchery.

Full moon


These parties started back in 1985 by some bored backpackers and local bar owners, and now through word of mouth, thousands of Western tourists and people from all over the globe head to the popular Haad Rin beach to get in on the action. With DJ’s and bands playing all night, hard partiers cover themselves in fluorescent paint, dance the night away, and anything goes. It is a popular for young tourists especially, because of the low cost it can bring. Revelers can drink from “buckets”, which is a beach pail, filled with their choice of vodka, rum, or bourbon, and top it off with some Red Bull to keep the raging going all night. These usually cost about $3 dollars, and many are consumed throughout the night. Throughout the night, long jump ropes lit on fire become a hit, with many people getting in on the action. Along with the music and partying, there are many great food options, this is Thailand after all.



The Full Moon party is something certainly any avid party animal should consider heading to and checking off their party bucket list. Cheap drinks, thousands of partiers, island fun, what is there not to love?