Sex is a great thing. It feels good, it’s fun, and it is probably one of the best pastimes available. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who did not enjoy a nice smash session at least now and again. Great sex is amazing, and bad sex is still pretty dang good. A lot like pizza. Although bad sex can still be enjoyable for you, your partner may not be loving the thrashing that you think you are giving them. Everyone encounters sex issues, funny moments, and gathers great stories throughout their conquests. A lot of guys have come across these issues that can arise, and are left wondering what went wrong in the sack, all while aggressively molesting themselves and tearing up at their inability to please that certified 7 that was brought home from the party. Don’t let sex problems continuously hinder your hulk smash sessions. Take this advice on the 4 most common problems and how to fix them, and start creating a legend for yourself among the ladies.

wet noodleFloppy Noodle: This is a huge fear for so many guys. Just when you are ready to get it in, your crank won’t work and you are left trying to jiggle your flacid member around her midsection like a mini jackhammer. That isn’t sex. Sure, this might be able to be cured with a pill, but the more you focus on the issue, the less your buddy is going to stand at attention for you. This is definitely something you don’t need word getting out about, so go into the endeavor confident as ever that you can satisfy a goddess if needed, and you should be able to cut frozen diamonds with your hammer.

Quick trigger: Yet again, this fear can be traumatizing. Just when you get going, a few thrusts and the volcano erupts. The girl is left laying there and sighs loudly while you try to avoid eye contact. Sure, if you are looking at it as a race to finish first, congrats. Other than that, you certainly don’t need her flapping her gums to all her friends about how you blew faster than a 12 year old seeing his first breast on the top right corner of that scrambled porn channel in his family’s basement. Instead of starting and stopping every time you feel the goods coming up (which is sure to kill the mood when the girl starts getting into it), try doing times tables in your head. Don’t forget to do them in your head, you don’t want her thinking Rain Man is throttling her in the sack. This will take your mind off the glorious end, and might still be able to salvage pleasing your woman.

Shy Guy: This goes along with the last one. You might not be the most outgoing guy in the world and that is fine. But certainly don’t be overly shy in bed or your lady friend will end up staring at you like a wax doll that is not enjoying a thing. Be a little confident, and this will ease her into feeling comfortable, and soon enough you will be snapping the headboard. Don’t think you are being creepy either, girls want a confident guy in bed.

cos-sex-tips-foreplay-mdnBoring Sex: This is an issue for a lot of guys. They may think they are an absolute steed in bed, but that is just in their heads. One look at their partner and you can tell just how much fun she is actually having. They want a guy that can rock them harder than you and your friends playing Rock Band hammered at 3 am. Keep it fresh, keep it spicy. Remember, 50 Shades of Grey was the greatest thing to happen for guys in the sex world. It told every girl it is okay to let their inner freak out, and now they want every page of that book in their life. Give them what they want, because in reality you know you want it too. Be confident.