She texts you first

Girl TextingA girl that is starting to like you will text you first in the conversation. It may be a “good morning” text, or a random “What are you up to” text, but it is significant. If you find yourself consistently initiating the conversation, sorry bro, but she is too busy with other alpha males to make you a priority.

She shows you off to her friends

Girls going through a fling with guys don’t necessarily want to show them off to their girlfriends. It isn’t that you’re not a stud, it’s just that girls are inquisitive, and need approval from one another. If you’re just a fling in her eyes, she isn’t going to waste the time, effort, and energy of introducing you to all her friends to make small talk with. If she thinks she is liking you a bit more than friends, look out for the typical requests to pregame with her and her friends before a night out, grabbing a quick lunch, or having you over to hang out when you know her other friends are around.

Plans are canceled for your plans

This one might be harder to decipher than the others, because you don’t always know when she has pre-existing plans already, but it can be a tell-tale sign she is really into you. Girls are like cults with their friends. They stick together, and very much live for the phrase, “Hoes before bros.” Keep this in mind. If you find out that she cancels plans she had with her girlfriends, especially if those plans were to go out drinking for a girls night out, you have her hooked.

She cooks for you

Girl CookingGirls that cook for guys have to have some sort of feeling for them deep in their soul. This is because if a girl is a terrible cook, and the guy is just a fling, she won’t waste her time cooking because that could ruin chances at sex later. If a girl cares about a guy, and really wants to impress him, she will try and cook for him. Even if it comes out bad, girls are smart and they know that the effort is what matters to guys, so in turn guys will be appreciative and subconsciously think about it later. If she cooks for you, she likes you.

When another girl texts you, she asks

If it’s in the beginning of hanging out with her, she will most certainly understand you have girls that are friends, and may be even possibly hooking up with other girls (don’t worry, we all know you are consistently slaying 5 chicks), and she will put off the vibe that it is okay with her for now. Key words…for now. Take notice when you are hanging with her, if you get a text from another girl. See how she reacts, and if she asks about it. If she doesn’t say a word, and her eyes don’t slightly widen at the sight of another girl’s name popping up on your screen, than she may not be as into as you thought, and she might be looking at this just as a fling.