The nicer weather is starting to roll through, there is no stopping Spring, and everyone seems to be getting in a better mood. That can mean one thing. Day drinking season is here. From now until the end of fall when the weather becomes too unbearable to be outside, day parties are abundant. 11am rolls around and that sun is shining just perfect, and the urge to slam a beer is uncontrollable. Get all your friends together, throw on some laid back tunes, buy a few racks of beer or a keg, and start getting crazy so you’re blackout by 5pm. Just in time to pass out for a few hour nap before you hit the night scene so you can get drunk twice in one day. Here are a few essentials you need for the perfect Spring time day drinking experience.

Tank Top to any campus across the country, or any day party that is getting crazy, and you are sure to see one thing without fail. Tank tops. This is a staple of the day drinking community. Day parties mean that the weather is nice, and people are relaxed and having a good time ready to throttle beers. Tank tops are a part of this. The fellas showing off the guns to the ladies, the girls are trying to get some sun on those pasty white shoulders after a long winter, and everyone understands that tank tops are a must. Plus, with no sleeves, it allows better movement in the arms to drink your beers faster. No restrictions.

Bags game of bags just screams day drinking. It’s like the middle finger, it is universal language no matter where you go. You never seem to see a game of bags busted out at night, and there is a reason why. Everyone knows it is just for day drinking. 4 people get to play at a time, and it involves a little bit of competition, and a good amount of beer. Throw on the tunes and get to tossing some bags, and tossing back beer.

Folding Weatherproof Table don’t want to ruin your nice dining table on a day party, so buying a cheap, folding weatherproof table is the perfect option. Drinking games are a staple of the day party, and after a few games of flip cup that table can get gnarly with all the sticky beer. Plus, these tables are lightweight so you can move it to the front yard, side yard, on top of your roof, or over to your friend’s place. A table that you don’t care too much about is the perfect option and is more versatile than a backpack used for beer and textbooks.

Large Trash Cans

With Spring time day drinking, comes huge day parties. You may be thinking we threw trash cans on this list to make sure you have a proper place to put those hundreds of solo cups and empty beer cans when you are done crushing them. While a bit of that may be true, it is mostly for the kegs. When a couple hundred people decide to day rage, the thirst for beer becomes unavoidable. The only way to quench all of these cravings is by loading up on kegs. Kegs are the perfect option for good weather day drinking, and the best way to keep them cold is to put them in a large empty trash can that is lined with a garbage bag. After you put the keg in, dump a ton of ice in the space between the keg and the trash can, and you can be certain to have frosty cool beer all day, an essential of day boozing.