Beach Dinner

Summer DatesEveryone knows the beach is a great spot for a date, but dinnertime is where it really heats up. Whether you plan out a picnic on the actual beach, or you hit a restaurant overlooking the water, dinnertime is the best time to go. It’s not too hot where you’re constantly sweating, the sunset will cause the pheromones to fly, and you don’t have to be bathing suit shy. Not to mention a lot of beach towns have activities at night, such as arcades or shows, and look up beforehand to see if there will be a fireworks display on. Nothing screams “Summer Date” more than watching fireworks on a beach boardwalk on a Saturday night in the middle of summer. If you bring someone to the beach for dinner for a first date, you’d really have to bomb the rest of it in order to not get a second date.


This idea only works as long as the both of you at least somewhat enjoy the outdoors. If either of you hate the outdoors, then this isn’t going to be a fun date. Although camping seems like a rugged activity, it can actually be extremely romantic, and get both of you in the mood to get close pretty quickly. It doesn’t even need to be an entire weekend event, even if it’s just for a night. Bring a couple bottles of wine to get a little loose. You don’t want to bring too much booze, because being hammered in the woods is not exactly the best idea. Make sure that you bring some snacks, and plenty of bug spray. Nothing will kill the mood more than slapping at itchy red bumps covering yourself. Lay out a sleeping bag under the stars as well, and you will really feel the vibes flowing.


Summer DatesNow this one can be hit or miss, but if it’s a hit, it’s a big hit. We say a possible miss, because sometimes sweating profusely during a date doesn’t give off the sexy vibe as much as you might think. This is why we suggest choosing a pretty easy hike with good views. This way the girl can still feel pretty at the top, and there are plenty of photo opportunities for all the social media you can handle. Make sure you pack plenty of water for the both of you, and tossing in a protein bar or two wouldn’t hurt. Morning hikes are best because it hasn’t heated up too much, and it gives a great opportunity afterward to continue the date with heading to brunch.

Bar Bike Crawl

If the two of you like drinking, and going on adventures, then this one is for you. If you live in a city or town where there are bars close enough to each other to take your bikes too (within 5 miles each), then plan a bike bar crawl. Although you can do this in the evening, we suggest it as a daytime date.  Now, we are not condoning getting blackout drunk and trying to balance your two wheels on the road, but having a beer or two at each bar along the way would be perfect. You can experience new places, and even throw in an appetizer or two throughout the route. A good number of bars to hit is 4-7, that way you can get a little buzzed without going overboard. Spread them out, and get your bikes rolling. This is even fun to do with a group date, if you can coordinate everyone together!