Why spend Spring Break in Rocky Point, Mexico?

Rocky Point, Mexico, or Puerto Penasco as it is known locally, is actually not that far from the U.S. border, which is one of the reasons it is frequently referred to as Arizona’s ocean. Its close proximity to the States along with the beautiful beaches and fantastic things to do during the day make it a great place to consider spending Spring Break. In addition to the local fishing industry, the area is also quite popular with tourists, especially Americans from the southwest, meaning it is already equipped with plenty of great tourist activities and plenty of places to dance away the night.

What to do during the day on Rocky Point Spring Break?

Rocky Point Spring BreakTourists will find plenty to see and do during the day during Spring Break in Rocky Point. Not only are there gorgeous beaches where people can spend time sunbathing, fishing, boating, and swimming, there are also dozens of local sites to check out and explore. Old Port is a great area for shopping for seafood or just spending the day walking around and exploring. There are also a variety of beaches to explore, guided tours, malls, spas, and nearly anything else one could think of. The aquarium is another popular destination for those who want to get out of the sun for a bit and away from all the drinking. Those who are more outdoor oriented may enjoy kayaking on the water, and there are rental places and tours for that as well. Visitors can even check out a local tequila factory to help them get in the mood for the evening festivities.

How is the nightlife in Rocky Point, Mexico?

Students from the University of Arizona have known about the entertainment of Rocky Point for a number of years now, but the rest of the country is quickly catching on. At Rocky Point you only need to be 18 to drink, because it is Mexico, so get ready to get your booze on with everyone there. Rocky Point takes full advantage of this, with more bars than a jailhouse. In addition to the regular bars and clubs, many tourists also appreciate being able to go out on party boats. Aside from these more unique forms of entertainment, there are also a host of standard bars and clubs in the area, offering plenty of opportunities for students to go dancing the night away. Those looking to spend their Spring Break putting as much distance between themselves and their studies will enjoy the variety of fun, nightlife opportunities this area offers its tourists. Its growing tourism industry is testimony to how popular the area has become, and for good reason.