Summer VacationAlthough June is in full swing, and you haven’t planned a summer trip yet, don’t worry. There is plenty of time left in the season to make a great trip happen. Sure, looking into summer trip ideas in the fall and winter is a smart idea, but you can still find last minute deals. Here are 5 trip ideas that can take your summer to the next level, and won’t break your bank.

Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle Beach VacationSummer is a time for slamming drinks on a beach somewhere, with fun people around you. Myrtle Beach is a perfect spot for this, and it can be cheap too. With so many hotels in the area, you can certainly find a great bargain. Since Myrtle Beach is not as popular a beach destination such as California or Florida, there are awesome deals everywhere, and you will have just as much fun. Not to mention the nightlife scene here is just as good as anywhere, and the ocean water is warmer than California, and the people are friendly.

Big City

With the heat of summer, a lot of the residents in the big cities head out during the summer, especially on weekends. This means the city empties out, and rates for hotels go down. Summer is the perfect time to visit that big city you have been wanting to. Not to mention many cities have awesome festivals in the summer, which gives you more of a reason to get out there and party. Chicago is a great option, coming off as extremely affordable and friendly.

Road Trip

Planning A Road TripThe U.S. has so many great spots to see, and summer is a perfect time to hit the road and see them. You don’t have to worry about snow and ice blocking the roads, and you don’t really need to book anything ahead of time. Whether you head across the country, or down the coast, a road trip can be very cheap, and a great way to hit many spots you have been wanting to see. The adventure of ending up in a new spot every day is pretty cool, and you will meet some awesome people along the way.


A great way to escape the heat and head into nature is by booking a trip up to the mountains somewhere. Many states have a mountain range of some sort, and this can make for a great vacation. Whether it is hiking, camping, hitting the water spots, or just relaxing the weekend away, a mountain vacation can be very cheap. Besides the extremely popular July 4th weekend, most other times that are pretty affordable to book, are open.

Orlando, FL

Disney VacationFlorida is a hotspot in general for vacations, and Orlando can come off cheaper than a lot of the other popular cities such as Miami. If you’ve been putting off a trip to theme-park paradise, summer offers some nice discounts on hotel rates. Sure, it’s hot down here in summer, but paying less than $75 a night to stay near Universal Studios Florida, SeaWorld Orlando, and Walt Disney World will take the sting out of some of the park admission, which can top $90 a day for adults.