EDC Las VegasAt last, the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas has finally arrived again. With the biggest names in EDM, comes the biggest festival in the country. Every year, EDC seems to outdo the previous summer, and Vegas is packed with ravers that party for literally 72 hours straight. Nothing wrong with raging with 250,000 other people just like you to the beats of the top DJs in the world. If you are headed to EDC Las Vegas this weekend, take these tips with you so you can survive the 3 day binge of partying.

Set up a schedule:

Set a scheduleWith close to 200 artists performing throughout the 3 days span, it is impossible to see everyone. Nothing sucks more than anticipating hearing one of your favorite DJs and missing them because you got the stage wrong or the wrong time. Look at the schedule beforehand and pick out which ones you definitely want to see and base a loose schedule around this. Factor in time you will need for other things, such as that 2 hours of rest a day or stuffing your face with food.

Have a flexible schedule:

Now we just mentioned drafting a schedule, but just because you have an idea of how you’re going to go about your days, be flexible with it. There are plenty of things that can mess with a schedule, from traffic, to bathroom breaks, to a broken foot from that wildebeest of a woman jumping up and down and crushing your bones. Think of this, and don’t get all bent out of shape if something doesn’t work according to plan. Even if you miss something, there are hundreds of other artists and experiences to check out.

Take care of your body:

Sure, you will be slamming drinks left and right, not sleeping for hours on end, and may engage in other activities, but don’t forget your body. Remember that you are in a hot desert in the summer, and with all the raging you will need to rehydrate. Sleep is important too. Not saying you need to take a 10 hour slumber every day, but a few naps here and there won’t kill you, and it will help you enjoy the experience a whole lot more. Don’t worry about missing something, because there is 72 hours straight of experiences.

Experience the experience:

EDC ExperienceFirst and foremost, you are there to hear awesome music, meet new people, and get obliterated with friends. Don’t forget this. EDC is specifically designed to cater to the viewer, and they do everything possible to make the experience unbelievable. The creators actually choose to take less of a profit from these events in order to enhance the entire production. This means everything there is top notch, from the lights, to the rides, down to the costumes. Take in the entire experience because it is unforgettable. Sure, you will be Instagramming everything, just remember to not spend the entire time behind a camera. EDC waits for no one, and in order to hit it the hardest, you need to get right in the thick of it for the full three days, and make the most of it. Enjoy.