Spring Break 2016 is a week where you spend literally the entire time consuming copious amounts of alcohol on a beach somewhere with thousands of other like-minded souls. Things get crazy, bad (great) decisions are made, and memories that would normally last a lifetime are forgotten in your blackout state. Now, since you will be drinking the entire time, that can obviously add up in cost. Now, if you’re a female, you will pretty much drink for free no matter where you go, because that’s the nature of the business. If you’re not staying at an all-inclusive resort, you’re going to need to find ways to score free booze. Even if you are, going out at night to the clubs still costs money. We are here to give you a few ways that your manly self can cash in on free alcohol.

Compete in contests

Spring Break Drinking

Spring Break is full of contests. Whether it’s wet t-shirt contests, booty shaking contest, sex simulation contests, dance contests, or booze chugging contests. Now, obviously as a guy, you aren’t going to be included in a few of those aforementioned contests. But the others, all about it. The great thing about Spring Break contests, is they usually involve drinking, and the winner typically wins, you guessed it, free drinks! Try to finagle your way into one of these contests, or at least one of your buddies. Sure, you may pass out by 2pm because you were forced to drink copious amounts of liquor, but that bottle of rum you won will be worth it later.

Buy package deals

Typically when you arrive to your destination, you will be approached by multiple vendors selling package deals to the bars. Now, these bars and clubs will typically carry a cover charge, plus drink prices every night. The package deals usually include free entry into the club, and either drink specials or all you can drink. It may seem like a hefty up front charge, but trust us, it’s worth it. This way you won’t have to worry about ripping through your saved up money within the first two nights. There will be a few packages to choose from involving different clubs on different nights, so maybe wait a day until you meet some people that have bought certain ones, so you don’t get stuck with the bad package.

Make friends with the bartender

Spring BreakJust like you would at any other bar you ever go to, making friends with the bartender can pay off immensely. Now, on Spring Break, that is amplified. Not only are there ten times more people trying to score drinks at the bar, but these bartenders have long days and nights. Throwing down some extra cash in the beginning will certainly open their eyes to you, and typically they will toss quite a few free shots  and drinks your way throughout the night. Not only that, but they will most likely serve you first. Being friendly goes a long way on Spring Break, since these bartenders have to deal with drunken people 24/7.

Meet girls

No brainer right here. If you roll with a group of girls, they are going to get free drinks, and in turn you will. It’s called the trickle down effect. You may not get them right away, but once these girls decide they need to slow down on the boozing, they will start handing them off to you left and right. Now not only are you getting free drinks, but you are already with a group of girls so you don’t have to break your back trying to scope out. That’s what we call killing two birds with one stone!