Festival season is upon us, and for the next 6 months be prepared to enjoy your favorite artists performing weekend after weekend. The insane parties, hundreds of thousands of people, and weekend adventures await you, so start preparing now. These are three of the top music festivals to attend this year.


https://theogsb.com/California is quite the hotspot for music festivals, and that is largely due to the weather. The spring and summer never really gets TOO hot, and with the lack of rain, outdoor festivals are a great option. Coachella is a prime example of this. Set in the desert with gorgeous weather every day, bands and artists from every genre hit this music festival every year. Not only that, but since it is in California, it is a well known fact that many celebrities attend this festival as spectators. Sure, the vibe has a bit of a hipster feel, and the tickets can get real expensive on the resale market, but this festival is more than worth it. People sending out good vibes with cold drinks and amazing music? Sign me up. It takes place in April every year, and has expanded into 2 weekends, because of the 250,000 people that usually attend.


https://theogsb.com/Also set in the beautiful California, Stagecoach is a country music lovers dream. How better than to celebrate sexy cowgirls, your favorite bands, and delicious beer than at a weekend festival encompassing all three? Stagecoach takes place at the end of April, and it has the biggest and best lineup of any country music festival in the country. It is the fastest growing music festival, and there is plenty of craziness that comes along with country music festivals. The weather heats up, and so doesn’t the crowd. If you are a country music fan, you won’t find a better weekend festival than this one, and the artists themselves know that, which is why they all choose to play at this festival.

Electric Daisy Carnival

https://theogsb.com/The holy grail for EDM festivals, EDC is where you need to be if you want to rage for an entire weekend in the greatest party city in the country, Las Vegas. What better setting than Las Vegas, for you to listen to hundreds of your favorite DJs and artists perform amongst the ridiculously awesome light shows and experience that comes with this festival? Hundreds of thousands of members of the EDM community flock to this festival each year from around the world, and rightfully so. People go all out too, dressing the part, and everyone is friendly and just looking to have a blast. The festival takes place in June every year, and it has even expanded to New York where it takes place in May. The Electric Daisy Carnival is the epitome of where you want to be if you love to rage, rave, and rip drinks down with more people than you can imagine.