With move in day season here, the new college school year is upon us. This means figuring out what exactly you need in your dorm room. Sure, shower shoes, a laptop, and bed risers are important, but let’s talk about what really matters. That’s right, the party supplies. In order to have a party dominant dorm room, and get all the people over to your room to pregame hard before a night out, make sure you have these 5 essentials.

dorm party


This item is essential for any party dorm room. Sure, during an actual party it might not get much use, but how about when you stumble back to your room after a night of smashing beers and all you want in life are some pizza rolls and taquitos? Boom, you have a microwave right there to heat up and swap war stories with your roommate that neither of you will remember in the morning. A microwave comes in handy all the time, especially for late night eats. Although you may already plan on having one, double check to make sure either you or your roomate has it packed.

Two Mini-fridges

That’s right, dueling mini-fridges. Why do you need two, especially if you have a dining hall right next to your dorm to crush food? Easy answer, one for snacks for the beforementioned microwave, and the other strictly for beer. Make sure it is fully stocked at all times with beer, because we all know you can never be sure when you’re going to need to shotgun a few brewskis. Plus, everyone wants to be around the beer.

Foldable table

dorm partyNot only is this perfect for hosting people to put your booze on, but how about playing some dorm room beer pong on a wednesday afternoon? Not to mention it is foldable so while you’re not using it you can stash it behind something. A foldable table is the perfect item for a pregame in the dorm, so invite your entire hallway over (minus the RA), and get the party started.


In order to squeeze a futon into most dorm rooms, you most likely will either have to bunk the beds, or at least loft one of them up in the air. Although you may not want to do this, trust us it’s worth having a futon. Not only is it perfect for guests crashing, it allows more people to be able to sit for your pregame. Oh, and not to mention it can be used as the smash bed for whenever you or your roommate gets lucky. Those dorm twin beds are miserable with two people trying to squeeze into them. Just make sure you change up the sheets and you’re good to go.

Condom stash

dorm partyThis is college, you know you’re ripe and ready to go. That means smashing left and right. We just mentioned the biggest reason you need a futon, and condoms go hand in hand with that. You can even split the stash with your roommate, so you’re both at least safe when taking home some strange. Keep it near the futon so you don’t even have to get up to use them. A drawer next to the futon works perfectly, and typically the health center will give them out for free. It’s the beginning of the year, so you better stock up now.